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The leaders of NATO countries have accused Russia of actions “leading to lower stability and growth unpredictability”. In response, the Russian foreign Ministry said that NATO is “useless”

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The Russian foreign Ministry reacted to the statements of the leaders of the Alliance that “aggressive actions” of Moscow affect the security of NATO and lead to the “decline in the stability and growth of unpredictability” in the West.

“That is useless in the NATO military bloc accuses us of provocative activities and continues to gnash their teeth in Brussels, we are preparing to watch the world Cup 2018”, — said the Russian foreign Ministry. A message posted in the official Twitter of the Ministry.

At the stadium “Luzhniki” on July 11 is the semi-finals of the international tournament — play teams of England and Croatia.

On the same day, informed the head of the North Atlantic Alliance adopted a Declaration condemning Russia. The document was agreed by them on the first day of the summit in Brussels. In it the representatives of the bloc said that currently they are “faced with dangerous, unpredictable and unstable situation in terms of security, and sustainable challenges and threats from all strategic areas.” Among the reasons for this NATO is called including the “aggressive actions” in Moscow.

NATO condemned Russia for “leading to unpredictability” of action


What events in this case, the Declaration is not specified, however the individual points it talks about the incident in Salisbury, and the crash of flight MH-17 over the Donbas in 2014. In the first case, the leaders of the countries — members of NATO “expressed solidarity” with Britain in its assessments of what happened, in the second — urged Moscow to “take responsibility” for the disaster. Just document the word “Russia” is mentioned 50 times.

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