The General Secretary of FIFA is thinking about obtaining Russian citizenship

A flurry of compliments rained down on Russia, the General Secretary of FIFA Fatma Samura at the meeting with Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. According to the head of the International Federation of football associations, the host country of the next world championship and this country will be Qatar — will be difficult to compete with Russia in every way, from the safety and comfort of the fans to the festive atmosphere that prevails in held in Russia the world Cup.

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Welcoming the high guest the football in the reception Hall of the upper chamber Valentina Matvienko said that her vis-a-vis is the first woman to hold the post of Secretary General FIFA.

Matvienko warmly thanked the guest for the principled Pro-Russian stance during the recent “doping scandal” when some observers questioned the prospect of staging the world Cup in Russia.

According to the Chairman of the Federation Council, during the preparation for the major football event between FIFA and Russia have established not only working relationships, but also the atmosphere of deep mutual trust. Valentina Matvienko invited the Samur Fatma to participate in the forum this autumn in St. Petersburg.

The head of the upper house of the Russian Parliament stressed that the championship is not accompanied by manifestations of racism and aggression, gathered from all over the world fans, “I feel a great football family.” Matvienko is sure that, back home, the fans will tell their friends about what is the real Russia, and it will increase the flow of tourists into the country.

In addition, thanks to the world Cup to the Russian cities in which the matches pass, “given a powerful impetus of development”. Valentina Matviyenko also stressed that the Russian team “made a real feat.”

In response to the greeting of the head of the upper house of the General Secretary of FIFA introduced her to his closest employees, noting that two of them speak Russian, which is very nice for Fatma Samura. It Nodar Akhalkatsi — head of the administrative office of FIFA, former head of the Georgian football Federation, and assistant Secretary General of FIFA, Russian woman Liliya Vinogradova.

Fatma Samura reported that it so often happens in Russia that, perhaps, could claim Russian citizenship. She noted the “beautiful game”, and the fact that all guests find in Russia a warm welcome “regardless of race and orientation.”

Secretary General of FIFA, as Valentina Matviyenko, believes that the fans will take to their countries the most optimistic impressions about Russia.

Interesting detail: turning to the guest, the head of the Federation Council called her “Ms. Samura” in the mouth of an interpreter, the treatment sounded like “your Excellency”. In the world of diplomacy there are some archaic stereotypes, probably, they are deeply imbued with the translator who was aware that before his football career in 2016 Fatma Samura worked in the UN agencies responsible for delivering humanitarian aid in disaster areas. In turn, the appeal to the companion Samura called her “Madam of Matvienko,” which has been translated as “Valentina”.

Answering questions of journalists after the meeting, Matvienko gladly repeated the prophecy of the head of FIFA that the country, which will host the next world Cup, will be difficult to compete with Russia.

The head of the upper chamber said he had met with Fatma Samurai, it was on the eve of the match in St. Petersburg. There were present the French presidency Emmanuel macron, which, according to Matvienko, was an avid fan.

As for the position of Theresa may, ignoring the game of the British team in Russia, then, according to Matvienko, the Prime Minister has become hostage to his anti-Russian statements and thereby put himself in an awkward position.

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