“The most discussed movies of the week

“SKAN-Interfax” has made a rating of the Prime Minister by the number of posts about them in the media

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– This week in Russian cinemas out seven films, “SCAN-Interfax” has analyzed which are more often mentioned in mass-media publications and social networks before the premiere.

In the first place by the number of posts was the cartoon “Monsters on vacation 3: the Sea is calling” (USA) Director Gennady Tartakovsky. The film helped including product placement of the company “Yandex”: in one scene, the main character Dracula communicates with a voice assistant “Alice”. The brand will appear only in the Russian version of the cartoon. In the story, Dracula along with his friends goes on a cruise on a luxury liner and suddenly he falls in love with the captain of the ship – a mysterious and beautiful Erika. His daughter Mavis understands that a trip can turn into a nightmare.

In second place fantasy “mermaid. Lake of the dead” (Russia) directed by Svyatoslav Podvoiskogo previously starred in the films “the Queen of spades: black rite” and “Bride”. Podgaevsky says that he was inspired to create the paintings the films of Roman Polanski and Guillermo del Toro. “But it’s more inspiring samples by style, shape. And so I am inspired by life in General,” said Podgaevsky. In the story the main character found on a lost forest lake with a girl after a kiss in which his life is starting to happen, frightening things.

In third place documentary film “Genesis” (Switzerland) Director Christian fry won the national American festival of independent cinema “Sundance”. The film tells how the residents of Yakutia, the hunt for mammoth tusks, as well as the researchers leading the search for mammoth bones to study.

Fourth place went to Thriller “Skyscraper” (USA) Director Rawson Marshall Tarber. The tallest building on the planet designed for the film by the renowned designer Jim Bissell, had a hand in “the Alien” Stephen Spielberg and “300 Spartans” Zack Snyder. Source of inspiration was the Chinese legend about the dragon and the pearl. If you look closely at the model, it is possible to see the eyes of the dragon on the side, and the pearl that tops the design. Tech skyscraper became the center of a fiery disaster. Only a former FBI agent can save vertical city under heaven.

In fifth place, drama “Tully” (USA) directed by Jason new York. The main character of the movie played by Charlize Theron who had to gain 23 kg to portray the mother of three children after the next delivery. “Tully” is a fair recognition of women whose first carefree and stormy life is now completely dedicated to home and children.

Next, in sixth place Comedy “the Big Scam in a small town” (Italy) directed by Massimo Gaudioso. For residents of the town, lost in the Dolomites, the opening of the factory – the hope of salvation from total unemployment. But the factory has passed the certification and its staff must be a doctor. By accident, caught in the middle of nowhere aesthetic surgeon from Milan is the only candidate.

Completes the rating of “Muse: Drones World Tour” Director Tom kirk – the concert film, filmed in the framework of the world tour 2016, in which sound and its major hits.

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