Turkey coma at loggerheads tourists from Ukraine and Russia

57-year-old tourist from Zaporozhye for the fourth day in coma in Turkey after a drunken brawl with the Russians. His wife stated that she had no money for treatment, because the husband was drunk and that his case was not considered insurance.

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About the incident in the hotel “Ganita holiday village” in the city of Alanya, the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” reported in the Zaporozhye travel Agency “Liga-Tur-SERVIS”. Zaporizhzhya the tourists checked into the hotel July 6 and 7 July there from a nearby hotel came a citizen of the Russian Federation. He for some reason was a conflict with the 57-year-old Zaporozhets, who by that time had pretty to drink. Men fought, resulting in the Ukrainian went to the hospital in a coma.

According to the Director of travel Agency Eugene Titov, the hospital said that when entering the Ukrainian was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, therefore, the effect of insurance on his case does not apply.

The victim’s wife doesn’t know what to do, because it has no money to pay for treatment or to transport her husband home.

“League-Tur-SERVIS” also said that the Consulate of Ukraine in Turkey takes no action to help this family.

It is curious that about the hotel where you have placed the Cossacks, do not go very good reviews. In a recent Tripadvisor one of the tourists called it “hell on earth”. According to her, there is almost no cleaning, a complete lack of sanitation, and missing porridge, after which all will be given the chance to use insurance for treatment.

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