Estimated fatal for smokers the number of cigarettes

Norwegian scientists have come to the conclusion that Smoking significantly increases the likelihood of developing atrial fibrillation, or atrial fibrillation. According to experts, each cigarette smoked per day, increases the risk.


Atrial fibrillation is one of the most common types of arrhythmia. This disease is characterized by chaotic electrical activity of the Atria with the pulse frequency 350-700 / min. Chronic atrial fibrillation leads to an increase in the risk of death is approximately 1.5—2 times.

Comparing the results of 29 previously published scientific works, which were attended by 677 thousand people, the researchers came to the conclusion that the risk of developing atrial fibrillation is proportional to the number of cigarettes that a person smokes. For example, smokers are limited to a day 5 cigarettes, the likelihood of atrial fibrillation increases by 9 percent, while the 10 cigarettes increase the probability of 17 percent and 20 to 32 percent.

The study was published in the scientific journal European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

In recent studies on the adverse effects of Smoking on the cardiovascular system are published quite often. In January of this year, scientists from several universities and research organisations in the UK and China, came to the conclusion that even one cigarette a day can be harmful for the heart. In April, specialists from the Institute of Maryland in Baltimore came to the conclusion that the risk of stroke in smokers by about 88 percent higher than in people who did not smoke never. Among those who had smoked less than 11 cigarettes per day, the risk was increased by 46 percent, and among people daily vucurevich two packs or more and it was higher by almost five times. It should be noted that this study involved only men until the age of 50 years, however, scholars tend to assume that something similar is observed among other people.

Also this year, experts from the National center for global health and medicine in Tokyo came to the conclusion that smokers to a greater extent than others, likely to develop problems with hearing and even deafness.

Sometimes in the focus of scientists are not “ordinary” and electronic cigarettes. Most researchers agree that, even if they do slightly less harmful, to consider them as almost harmless should not be.

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