In Crimea, found a cave with mammoths and feared the consequences

In the construction of Federal highway “Tavrida” in the Crimea was recently found unique karst cave with the remains of mammoths, mastodons and other ancient animals. Also, experts do not exclude that in ancient times the cave was inhabited by humans. Now to enter the territory of the caves impossible, the contractor of routing considered that the entrance should be closed, for safety reasons.

Photo: Russian Union of speleologists.

The cave in the distant past created coming from below the pressurized water, consists of several main galleries, connected by transitions. When the cave descended cavers, was found inside the bones of an adult mammoth, mammoth, giant deer and horned sheep. Indirect evidence in favor of the fact that there were in the cave and the people, are fragmented atypical for predators follows the bones of some animals.

As writes “the Russian newspaper”, about 150 meters of the gallery, found the cave is located above the area of excavation for future road. In this regard, at the moment the construction of the highway suspended, and the Dean of the geography faculty of Taurida Academy KFU them. V. I. Vernadsky, Boris Vakhrushev recently reported that scientists and engineers trying to find alternative options for its strip — preparation of expert opinion experts were given week.

After the message about the unique cave began to appear in the media, it began to try to get people who have no special training, and after several such attempts have been recorded, the builders filled the cave entrance with large stones vlot resume research. It is expected that this measure will prevent the collapse of the ground or blocking penetrating into visitors.

The probability that a group of people may be locked in the cave looks a bit less abstract in the context of the events that recently happened in Thailand, where for nine days looking for, and then another nine days rescued a group of twelve children — members of a youth football team and their coach.

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