Named unexpected dish, made from monkey man

One of the characteristics of man that distinguishes him among all primates is the thumb opposed to the other. This structure allows for more hand contact with a variety of tools, however, British experts from the University of Kent suggested that the human hand acquired its present form not by some other cause — it is this structure of the upper limbs allowed the ancient hominids to extract marrow from their prey.


Scientists have suggested that the structure of the hand or other living being, as a rule, allows him to efficiently gather food. However, in order to crack nuts, monkey hands, and many primates successfully demonstrate this skill. However, in a series of experiments scientists found that the human hand allows efficient extraction of the bone marrow, as it better withstands the blow with a stone on bone.

Scientific work was published in The Journal of Human Evolution

This is not the first scientific study, which the authors thought about how the diet influenced the transformation of ancient primates to modern humans. Earlier, however, the focus of most experts was the influence of diet is not in the hands of man and his brain. In 2016, anthropologists from Harvard University suggested that evolutionary “trump” humanity has the ability to process meat products. The ancestors of modern humans first included meat in the diet, then he learned to shred, and then — and thermally processed. All this gave people the opportunity to obtain a large amount of energy from food without spending too much effort to chew. All this, according to the hypothesis the researchers put more energy into brain development.

Other experts have suggested that a lesser role in human evolution could play a fruit. According to scientists from new York University, the primates, whose diet included fruits, often have a large and developed brain than the other. As suggested by experts, “secret” brain development is not good from the fruit, and the fact that to produce them, and then peel more complicated than just eat the leaves, and the primacy of the need to become smarter to cope with this problem.

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