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The President of the United States Donald trump held a press conference during held in Brussels of the NATO summit. Its main applications — a review of RBC

Donald trump during a speech at the summit

(Photo: Geert Vanden Wijngaert / AP)

About NATO’s future

“I think that NATO is now much stronger than it was two days ago. Made significant progress. All country — members of the Alliance] have agreed to increase their defense spending to unprecedented levels. [Now], only five of the 29 countries fulfill their obligations [to defense spending], which accounted for 2% of GDP. Now these commitments will grow. Much above that figure”.

About a possible US withdrawal from NATO

“I think that will probably be able to withdraw the U.S. from NATO without congressional approval]. But this is not necessary”.

About Putin

“Putin is my friend? No, I do not know very well. I would hope that someday he can become a friend. He’s my competitor. I hope we’ll get along. I think we get along with each other. But he’s my competitor. He is Russia and I represent the United States. It is a competition, not a question of friendship or enmity”.

About the relations of NATO and Russia

“I hope that we will be able to get along with Russia. Most likely, we can. Those who are in the hall, think so too.”

About the upcoming conversation with Putin

“We meet with President Putin on Monday [16 July]. And we’re going into this meeting not expecting much. We want to deal with Syria. Of course, we’ll ask your favorite question about interference in the election of [US President in 2016]. I ask you this question again. We are going to talk about other things, discuss Ukraine. I really wonder what he says about it.

He can deny [the fact of interference in the course of the presidential campaign in the United States]. And what do I do? All I can do is say: “did you make this?” and “don’t do it again”.

They [NATO leaders] thanked me for [the upcoming] meeting with Putin and expressed his best wishes. Let’s see how the meeting goes. It might lead to something very productive.”

About the purpose of the meeting with Putin

“Well, I can’t say what is the ultimate goal. Well, what’s the ultimate goal — Let’s see. No nuclear weapons anywhere in the world — this is the ultimate goal. Okay? No more wars, problems, conflicts. Let’s find a cure to every known disease to mankind. That is my ultimate goal. Let’s start with this.”

About Crimea

“This [the annexation of Crimea to Russia] has occurred during [the presidency] Barack Obama, not trump. I wouldn’t let that happen, and he allowed. But I’m not happy about the situation around the Crimea. And I still can not imagine how this situation will develop further.

Many people like to talk about the Crimea, but the fact is that the Russians build bridges to the Crimea. Recently they opened a huge bridge, which began to build many years ago. I guess they are building a base for submarines”.

“North stream-2”

“It is possible that all the [NATO members] will establish relations with Russia, then the pipeline [“Nord stream-2″] will represent much less of a problem. We still have to resolve this issue.”

On migration

“The European Union must be very careful in the issue of migration, because it is sweeping Europe. I said it loud and clear”.

About Germany

“They cost us no good in trade, but I think that this too will change. I think we will see it, because on 25 July they will arrive to start with me. And if they will not conduct those negotiations in good faith, [the U.S.] will have to do something against million cars [from Germany], who come to our country and are subject to very low duties.”

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