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In the registry of the Eurasian economic Union was card mobile “Yandex.Phone.” Since July 4, the device is permitted to bring into the territory of the EEU. The company has not officially introduced this gadget

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The company “Yandex” has received permission to import to the territory of the Eurasian economic Union of their own mobile “Yandex.Phone.”

The record of this is contained in the Unified register of notifications of the characteristics of encryption (cryptographic) devices and products containing it on the website of the Eurasian economic Commission.

This register contains information about the devices that are allowed to bring into the territory of the Eurasian economic Union.

The notification was registered 4 July 2018. As a manufacturer of specified joint-stock company Yandex Services AG, with an address in Lucerne, Switzerland.

In the line “product Name” is set to “Mobile Yandex.Phone, trademark, Yandex, YNDX model-000SB”.

Officially, the smartphone company is not represented.

“Alice” from column: why “Yandex” has released its own gadget

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Earlier in may 23, on behalf of the same manufacturer in the registry was registered by the multimedia system “Yandex.Station”, equipped with built-in voice assistant “Alice”.

The company officially introduced the new device on may 29. As told then the founder of “Yandex” Arkady Volozh, this is the first “piece of iron”, is still the company was focused on software development. The company said that the device is developed by Yandex, but its Assembly is made in a factory in China, the name of which the representative of the company said.

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