As fans prepare for the final of the world Cup at the Embassy of France

photo: Ilona Hatagawa

By noon, the Embassy of France in Moscow tightened, if not all, good portion of French fans to gain French spirit”before the final game of the world Cup. In the lobby of the nearest metro station, a group of French and Croatian fans face moving parallel to the escalators, but both sides struggled not paying each other attention.

At the main gate of the French Embassy, a crowd gathered, chanting “go, go!”. The Muscovites passing by, happy to participate in this celebration and take pictures with fans stimulated, but because cars can hear signals in the rhythm of the French chants.

photo: Ilona Hatagawa

Journalist is not so easy to get inside, but after several attempts, luck still smiled “MK”. On the other side of the fence, the yard of the Embassy and is decorated in the colors of the tricolor hall for a few minutes filled with fluent French language. At the entrance guests are greeted by girls who are ready to “decorate” your face in the colors of the French flag.

photo: Ilona Hatagawa

Past them no one runs, everyone tries as vividly as possible, in the truest sense of the word, to show your devotion to the team. The most sociable is the French tricolor on her cheek require the smiling Mademoiselle kiss, but on this exciting occasion, no one seems against this, including Mademoiselle. Here and the correspondent of “MK” can’t slip past. The attentive Frenchman, seeing that I was still without any signs of “rooting” for the Fifth Republic, literally by the hand leads for the portion of the tri-color paint. Fortunately, I was allowed to substitute for the brush not the face and arm.

A football hits Shakira a few hundred of them move out, drink beer, take pictures or just discuss the upcoming match. Surprisingly, even after drinking their several cups of alcohol from the French here will not hear slogans in the spirit of “We’re gonna kick those Croats.” The most daring what I can see, this is the inscription on the shirt of one of those present: “the French cannot be stopped”

photo: Ilona Hatagawa

For a minute, even you may think that this is the winning whoopee world Champions, so all is joyful and relaxed, smiling, joking, dancing and ate Embassy sandwiches. Many came with children, which, it seems, after an hour it was a bit boring

photo: Ilona Hatagawa

One of the few who looks not a little excited, is an elderly Parisian Amory. This is the fourth world championship, in which he travels with the team. “The Croats are strong contenders, and our need to try hard. But I root passionately for my team.”

“MK” has wished the national team of France in the person of Amory fan good luck in the final game.

The 2018 world Cup . Chronicle of events

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