France vs Croatia: farewell to Nicholas in the last night of the world Cup

That’s all. The world Cup came to its finale. In a few hours, the players of Croatia and France will put an end to and decide: who will win the most coveted Cup in the world.

His “last word” says in these tense minutes, and Nikolskaya street in Moscow, which became for a time the 2018 world Cup center in the world. No, St. Nicholas still lives, and rages in his own way decides the outcome of the final match. Who will win and why we are waiting for the “friendly final”, and most importantly: where did the French?

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

After the game Russia – Croatia and departure of our team from among the contenders for the title of best in the world, it seemed that the night will be for Moscow clubbing past. All the headdresses are removed, the dances and songs will not be so fun, loud and frequent, and Nicholas will go on “vacation”.

Besides, at this point, the championship has managed to leave all Hispanics, which was lit in the centre of Moscow the best. Brazilians, Argentines, Mexicans, Colombians… everyone who managed to catch the fancy of their carnivals, catchy chants and just a great attitude to life.

And so it was. Nicholas, in simple words, “StuH”. The only hope the fun was British. The new blood that rushed into Moscow as its many thousands army of fans.

And before the semi Nikol do a little revived. Once again the fences were hung various posters and flags. Was again Packed with bars and restaurants. Again the earth shook from the jumping and dancing, and the air resounded with the songs and various shouts.

The British gave hope for the continuation of the holiday. And then lost and went to Peter for the match for 3rd place.

France – Croatia: peacefully shouted

Friday. Evening. Nikol’skaya. A lot of Brazilians, less of Argentines, Mexicans, Colombians. But still, they are here: the cheerful fans. And let their teams are spread around the houses, the fans remain, because football continues. The words of the popular foreign chants know many Russian and without hesitation to approach the foreigners and themselves begin to sing. They pick up and, a little wearily, chanting “Messi, Ciao! Messi, Ciao!”

But the most interesting, as it has already been opened on St. Nicholas, is in the heart. There was a decent crowd, which was surrounded by fans of Croatia and France. Those, in turn, made a real battle: who will be shouting: “France – Croatia, France – Croatia”!

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“The fans on Nikolskaya thanked Russia for the 2018 world Cup: “I don’t want to go.””


In place of this battle comes the joint shouting: “RUSIA! Thank you!” A girl from the crowd even asks his friend: “Why RUSIA? What does it mean?” Do not know: RUSIA – Russia?..

Meanwhile, “Thank you, RUSIA!” is replaced again by the battle. People 10 French and as many Croats shouting at each other. And then applaud and joint efforts are back to “Thank you, RUSIA”… the unity of fans whose teams are about to enter the field and fight for the world Cup. Of course, this is all very cool, no fights, insults. But a single thought arising from what he saw: “if Only the teams themselves did not have a friendly rolled the ball, otherwise it will be a very “rotten” ending..”

The last night before the fight

…When there came Sunday, on St. Nicholas and was completely overcrowded. The last night before the decisive battle. And what is happening, we can conclude that the French fans decided a good night’s sleep. In the street on the strength of 15 of the French. And Croatia a whole army. The Croats in all the bars, Croats filled with all the outdoor tables. The Croats also make a decent crowd. Where not turn, catches the eye of “checkers”.

The people were really very, very much. Back kokoshniki, came back the vodka. Nicholas as if trying to grab what did not. Seems like, after a match of Russian national team of people on Nikolskaya and it was less. Crowded, and in red square and Manege.

Moscow has blossomed with all the colors of the countries. Have no hope that their team will be the best, without the “fearful sight of a foreigner” and no pictures on the sights. They just live football and enjoying the last moments of this Grand event.

And the French?

Small, Yes udalenkie. And that’s how you described now fans of France. They are small, but they are very original. On the last night festivities before the game staged their game — Geno.

Four Frenchmen gathered around him a large crowd wanting to play. Two held taut the flag of France. Under it the player had to go. And then under the second flag, which meant “victory”.

From time to time the first flag was lowered, or, conversely, slightly elevated. To try could every. A man does during its passage under the flag takes a SIP from the bottle. But most of all an applause has got to the ladies a little age. They, like the French, were not many, but they, like the French fans, become a real “highlight” of the evening.

Passed, as expected, caved in. One aunt and not crawled. Another, trying to bend, changed tactics and went to sit on the card. The main thing – to pass. And in doing so, the gift they received is priceless — the jubilation of the crowd. Perhaps it is this interesting approach will help the team of France?

Morning evening stronger

In the afternoon of 15 July, the French on St. Nicholas did not appear. But the Croats have become even “stronger”: around more checkers t-shirts and their slogans. They seem to be nowhere and never left. Immediately obvious: endurance, perseverance, stamina inherent not only to local players but to all Croatians. Otherwise, they would be able here day and night to support my team?

So who will win? Fans who came last days at St. Nicholas, showed that France is a country with an unusual approach. But Croatia takes the pressure and resistance.

To answer the main question remains for several hours. And on Nikolskaya literally overcrowded! One of the users of instagram and writes: “I’m in Russia? In Croatia someone from the Croats left?”

So. All Nikol’skaya in this moment filled with Croats. Seems that even more than our own, which is actually always there was more than anyone else. But today is a special day. Final.

The absence of the French can not hit. Perhaps they found another place, as did the Icelanders, chanting his “huh!” in Zaryadye. And perhaps they gain strength and prove themselves towards evening or after a match…

The world Cup is not over. Although the Brazilians on the subway chant not a song or a chant, so simple and yet madly sad: “Goodbye, Russia! While! Bye!”

But we still could be in for a surprise. And anyone who does not have time to dive into what is happening, may have time to come to St. Nicholas…

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