“In the UK found considered lost Kubrick script

The American Director was planning a film adaptation of the Novella by Stefan Zweig “a Burning mystery”

Director Stanley Kubrick. Archived photophoto: Reuters

– The UK has discovered a previously-unknown script of the famous American Director, Stanley Kubrick, The Guardian reports. The discovery was made by Nathan Abrams, Professor of cinematography Bangor University (Wales).

We are talking about planning a Kubrick film adaptation of the Novella by Stefan Zweig, 1913, “Burning secret”. According to the text, he managed to almost completely finish it and the film can be removed.

“Fans of Kubrick know he wanted to make this film, but nobody thought the scenario over. We now have a copy and it proves that he wrote the whole script,” explained Abrams.

Kubrick brings a story of adultery in the United States, retaining the plot of the Austrian writer about a man trying to befriend a 10-year-old boy, and then to seduce his married mother.

“A burning mystery” has been filmed in 1988 by former Kubrick assistant Andrew Birkin. The main role in the film played by faye dunaway.

Text-Kubrick is a mark of the film company MGM, dated October 24, 1956. Then Kubrick was relatively unknown and had just completed work on the film “Murder”. Presumably, MGM refused to work on the project adaptation of the Zweig, when it became clear that Kubrick is already working on which brought him fame by the film “Paths of glory” – a look of both films would violate the terms of the contract.

According to another version, producer James Harris felt that the script, Kubrick is not suitable for screening.

According to Professor Abrams, the story of adultery and child could be considered too risky in the 1950s. It describes “the Burning secret”, as “lolita” inside out” is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov Kubrick moved to the screen in 1962. In the novel Zweig the man tries to befriend a boy to seduce his mother. In “lolita”, the main character marries his mother, although interested in her daughter.

Stanley Kubrick was the American who most of his life spent in the UK. He died in 1999, a few months after finishing work on the film “eyes wide shut”.

In 2001, Steven Spielberg has completed work on another unrealized project of Kubrick’s movie “Artificial intelligence”.

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