A photo from Moscow was a new record for world Cup

“Do you recognize yourself from a thousand” – perhaps it should sound like the motto of the project “Ticket to history”, presented in the permanent Gallery of one photo.

photo: Alexey Kharin Andrey Tsyganov.

There, in the courtyard of the legendary chocolate shop AB the eve of the world Cup final has opened a unique photo exhibition, the debut of which was a group portrait of the nearly one hundred thousand fans from the fan zone on the Sparrow hills. And the time chosen seems to be the most successful: the cheering of the audience after exact blow of Artem Dzuba, who scored a goal against the Spaniards.

And decades later, looking at the photo, you can try to revive gradually fading emotions after scoring the ball, but to see how happy we were in the historic Russian football day. 1 July 2018.

“Look at this emotional girl in the centre panel – points a finger at the cheerleader, one of the authors of the photos Alexey Kharin. – Of all the spectators she seemed to me the most impressionable. And here’s another: in the left corner, a small group dancing, celebrating a goal”.

And indeed, emotion the girl could not find anyone. The authors and could not be mistaken, because they had to consider each audience depicted in the picture. And who else to count all the fans, because modern work of art has recognized the new record of Russia.

“The printed picture – the greatest number of people with 25 402 person – announced editor in chief “Books of records of Russia” Stanislav Konenko. It is very pleasing that under a group portrait you can put different hashtags: the art, sport, photography, soccer”.

“Of course, in the Internet published such work, – says Alexey Kharin – but not on paper. The exhibition presents a fragment of the area 3 to 4 meters – 1/15 of the canvas. The actual size of the photos would occupy a three-story house.”

During the match Russia-Spain in the fan zone there were about 100 thousand fans, print-out – more than 25 thousand. The authors explain: “Someone turned away, someone who is blocked. It was important to make the portrait a quality that everyone could see.”

The uniqueness of the pictures of Alexey Kharin and Andrei Tsyganov is not only about intensive and extensive development, but also in the complexity of its implementation.

“Size for photos, of course, matters. I wanted to do something very big, beautiful and unusual. We’ve been looking for such an object, but suddenly came the miracle, the world Cup. And it has become possible to remove not staged emotions of thousands of people in the portrait resolution. Moral impulse lasted only 3-5 seconds, at this point, the people raised their hands, and then the feelings faded”.

Looking to Bolotnaya embankment the audience asked why all of the photos, and learning the cause, sank: July 1, on the Sparrow hills were not found. But the curiosity was overwhelming, and fans of the Russian team began to look for familiar faces. Came across sad the Spaniards, which made it easy to discern among the thousands of Russians. Here is detailing!

“Football is exciting, because it’s a model of life in which everything changes instantly. You can get on the 32nd floor observation deck of Moscow state University, where the picture was taken, and you can find yourself in the basement. But this does not mean that we should not believe in victory. The unbelievable size – the opportunity to take another look at the reality around. This photo will remind you: be careful every moment (always be careful – “MK”). Anyone can become a member of this project, because every month the picture will be updated”, – says Director of “Multimedia Art Museum” Olga Sviblova.

What action would become a follower of “football paintings” – a mystery for authors. Playing background on the show, the song “the Coward does not play hockey”, it seems, hints at a match with a puck, and played football behind marsh this idea denies.

Whatever idea is not implemented by the photographers, smile, and keep your back straight, maybe a month a project participant will become that you, and the clarity of the pictures, believe me, will not allow anyone to doubt the authenticity of the individual. And yet, remembering the delightful July evening and the goal of the headlights, unable to look at the area of the creative cluster and the charged atmosphere of the passing home of the world Cup.

The 2018 world Cup . Chronicle of events

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