Foreign fans were more important than the locals, walking around, shouting that he wanted

The League season is over, but the celebration continues. The President promised to consider “for the fans who love Russia, feel comfortable visa regime” and provide them “the opportunity to continue the acquaintance with our country.” But misconceptions about our country, a denial which was sent in the past month, the entire energy of the power, finally sunk into Oblivion, it is necessary that the country has changed much more.

photo: Alex geldings

It — how rare! — even better than I thought. Feared after almost a repeat of 1980 with the boycott of the Olympic games. And anxiety was not unfounded: to the beginning of the world Cup, the relationship between Russia and the West cold almost to the pre-perestroika state. Outlet it turned out almost the most successful image project for all time of existence of new Russia. Pereplyunuvshego in all respects and the Olympics-80, and especially Sochi “hot, winter, your”, which now if I remember, I mainly in connection with doping scandals, but the exorbitant financial outlay. About the world Cup in 2018, of course, is not only good. But rave reviews outnumber the negative so that the organizers of the championship can rightfully celebrate. The headdress became a symbol of “soft power” of Russia.

It seems that this wave of Russophile was a surprise for the authorities. The efforts of the organizers of the championship was appreciated by both athletes and members of the media and fans, said Vladimir Putin, speaking before the Opera gala concert on the eve of the finals: “We are grateful for the millions of good words spoken by guests of the championship against Russia and our people… we are Glad that our guests saw with their own eyes that collapsed the myths and prejudices”. This joy of the head of state can be divided, but with a serious caveat. Myths and prejudices a) not collapse, but only banked and can return in original condition; b) not all of them are malicious slander.

Take, for example, a “tale”, as the lack of Russia’s civil freedoms, including those enshrined in the Constitution but that exists, according to critics of the government, only on paper right “to gather peacefully, without weapons, hold rallies, meetings and demonstrations, processions and picketing”. Can we call it a lie, even if the concerts of the street musicians we often are regarded as unsanctioned rallies? Not to mention the speeches of a political nature. Yes, fans from this side of life is not yet met. Mobs went where they wanted, yelled too, all they want. And there is no guarantee that some of those screams were not of a political nature. However, in contrast to stock Bulk Mogilny this fan-made chaos no one even tried to stop.

It is clear that for foreign fans during the championship was made an exception to our strict rules. However, if the newfound friends of Russia, and indeed often to the country as the dream of the Russian government, you will need to have not a temporary but a systemic solution. You can, for example, to amend the law on rallies is a note that for foreigners it does not apply. Well, not to be afraid and to give their citizens the same rights as foreigners. From the point of view of the image of the country the last option is probably preferable.

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