“The head of the ROC said about the possibility of St. Petersburg and Kazan apply to host the summer Olympics 2036

– Russia may bid to host the summer Olympic games of 2036, the President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Stanislav Pozdnyakov.

“2024 and 2028 are already occupied – Games will be held in Europe and America, and on the application form 2032 can claim other continents. I think one can say theoretically about applying to host the Games in 2036. This, of course, long term, a lot can happen, but nevertheless, we say that today we can consider the possibility of holding major sporting events,” – said Pozdnyakov in an interview to “Interfax”.

According to him, the cities that can claim to host the Games, is cities, which were not carried out before the Olympics.

“For example, St. Petersburg or Kazan. In the capital of Tatarstan good sports infrastructure, Kazan unites Europe and Asia, is a cosmopolitan center,” said President of the ROC.

He reported that the bid to host the Olympics-2032 (if Russia is still going to do it) need to be submitted in 2024, and to carry out the Olympic games of 2036 – in 2028.

“It is very important that we were supported in this situation of our fellow citizens. Now, after the world Cup, it is felt that many have changed their attitude towards hosting major competitions – to a certain extent skeptical until at least interested, if not enthusiastic. What will be the situation in the middle of the next decade, it is difficult to say, but to discuss the possibility of holding the Olympic games we can,” said President of the ROC.

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