A pupil of Lev Yashin: Courtois deserved voted the best goalkeeper of the world Cup 2018

An integral part of the final day of the world Cup — the awarding of the best players of the tournament. With the 2018 world Cup “Golden ball” was taken away by the midfielder and the captain of Croatian Luka Modric, and the Golden glove — the Belgian international Thibaut Courtois.

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Traditional goalie comment on the results of the football world Cup gave our resident expert — apprentice and understudy Lev Yashin in Moscow “Dynamo”, honored coach of Russia, Professor of MGAFK Oleg Ivanov.

The final was a success! Not by chance the French are among the leaders of world football. Because they won the title. Plenty of goals, dangerous moments — all of this is intriguing and captures many thousands of stands of the stadium and mnogomillionnoi audience at television screens. The goalkeeper of the national team of Croatia, though still could a couple of times to rescue the team, but said the psychological stress of the world Cup. Both goalkeepers did not have enough concentration to play so easily and vividly, as it was in previous matches. An example of this is Hugo Lloris. Began to beat Mandzukic and missed the second goal. If this had happened before, the Croats could even fight for the victory. In short, mistakes were made, though, and Lloris.

— What is your opinion on the appointment of a penalty against Croatia?

— I think the referee made the right decision. The finale showed the effectiveness of the system VAR. A judge with no scandals watching the replay and safely disassembled at the moment. Any errors in this episode was not. Nestor Supply worked correctly and clearly. Please note, in this championship, a lot of goals were scored from standard positions. At high density in defence many players immediately run to the goalkeeper, that happen bounce. The shot is almost powerless: can neither go out, nor to predict. This was noticeable from the first games. The attackers were the better goalkeepers in skill.

— After the final, were named the winners of the tournament, special awards. The Golden glove was awarded to Belgian Thibaut Courtois. What can you say about his candidacy?

From the very beginning he showed himself as a goalkeeper of world class. The game on the goal line, at the exit, the game hands and feet — all these points it at the highest level. He helped out in every match. In spite of two-meter growth, it is ductile, flexible, easy to pull into the split. For a goalkeeper it is very good. He deserved became the best goalkeeper.

— What do you think ended the world Cup as a whole?

— The party was held. Our country is well prepared. Built beautiful stadiums and were attended by a large audience. The finalists showed a quality game. The Croats, of course, it was hard, after three matches for 120 minutes they are hooked. Nevertheless, they should be given credit for the fight and will to win. It is a pity that the final parts fell out of the Latin American teams: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay. Get the world Cup in Europe. But that’s life and today’s football.

The 2018 world Cup . Chronicle of events

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