Brazilian fan said about the rape after the world Cup final at Luzhniki

The end of the 2018 world Cup football was marked by sexual scandal. A fan from Brazil said to the police that she was raped after the final match France-Croatia near the stadium “Luzhniki”. The woman told militiamen that went for a walk along the Avenue, while her husband was on the podium, and she was attacked by two foreigners.

Photo: AGN “Moscow”.

As we found out “MK”, a statement from the 24-year-old citizen of Brazil Maria (name changed) came to the police at about 22.00. According to the girl, she looked along with her husband the match France – Croatia, and when I heard the final meeting of the referee, went for a walk outside the Grand sports arena. While the husband was on the podium.

In one of the alleys a woman was attacked by two (presumably dark-skinned) men and forced her into group sex. Involuntary witnesses of the scenes of abuse were two passers-by in clothing colors of the national flag of Croatia – they are scared of the rapists.

Mary herself came to the turnstiles of exit from the sector s, where she met her husband, and then sought medical help at the duty post of doctors.

Through an interpreter the woman, sobbing, said that she was attacked and made it clear to the doctors that doesn’t know how to tell her husband that she was raped. Upon examination, the doctors noticed the girl has a bruise on the forearm of the left hand, and typical organ damage.

Mary with her husband was taken to the Botkin hospital, where she was interviewed and examined again. The Brazilian was sober. However, she was unable to name even the exact location of the attack. For the treatment of cheerleaders militiamen carry out an inspection.

The 2018 world Cup . Chronicle of events

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