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After meeting in Helsinki, Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin separately gave an interview to the American TV channel FOX News. RBC compared the presidents of Russia and the United States responded to similar questions

Vladimir Putin and host of Fox News channel, Chris Wallace

(Photo: Alexei Nikolsky / RIA Novosti)

On the meeting in Helsinki and the future of bilateral relations

“We are interested in development of relations in the field of security, strategic stability, crisis, terrorism, the economy. I hope that today President trump has made at least the first step in this direction. <…> It (the summit in Helsinki. — RBC) beginning. And that’s a start. In my view, given this good start.”

“Today we have succeeded in relations with Russia. Until today (16 Jul. — RBC) things were terrible, I would even say nightmare, we were in a dangerous situation. But today everything went perfectly. <…> It was a very long meeting. <…> We discussed a lot of things, and during this time the room was only two of us and the translators. And in the end I think we managed to make useful conclusions.”

About the accusations against Russia in collusion with trump and intervention in the American elections in 2016

“Russia as a state has never interfered in the internal Affairs of the United States, especially in elections. Do you think that the territory of the Russian Federation to influence the election in the United States and affect millions of Americans? This is ridiculous.”

“It (the investigation about the conspiracy of the team trump and Russia. — RBC) drove a wedge between us and Russia. <…> It’s a witch hunt, all specially rigged”.

The winner of the summit went to Putin, says the head of the program “Russian domestic politics and political institutions” of the Moscow Carnegie center Andrey Kolesnikov: “He forced the American leader to close the topic of intervention in the American elections, although the summit was expected that he would show rigidity in this matter, and this, of course, is a serious diplomatic achievement.” The expert added that this issue will remain an irritant to US policy.

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On the investigation of 12 alleged Russian hackers from GRU

“We have a Treaty on legal assistance in criminal matters, the Treaty of 1999. It works, and speaking effectively. Why would Mr. Muller (spectracolor the U.S. justice Department to investigate the intervention of Russia in elections in the United States. — RBC) do not send us a formal request under this Treaty? Moreover, our Russian investigators in accordance with this agreement could interrogate all the people whom the American side is suspicious. <…> Why is this still not done anything? I was just surprised”.

“I was fascinated by this proposal. They (the Russians. — RBC) is a contract that allows you to work together with the United States. <…> He (Putin. — RBC) is willing to allow Robert Mueller to come back and start the investigation of these people (12 hackers. — RBC) together with the Russian investigation. <…> But I think that Mueller is not going to do (send a request to Moscow. — RBC)”.

12 “friends of” Hillary: the accusations of US “hackers from GRU”


“Putin’s statement on readiness to cooperate with Muller is, in fact, trolling, because the Russian President knows that he posed conditions are not acceptable to the American side,” — says senior researcher of the Center for Russian and Eurasian studies named Davis, Harvard University Dmitry Gorenburg.

As Putin said at a press conference following the summit, Moscow could agree on the presence of the official representatives of the USA during interrogations 12 the Russians, which the Commission special U.S. attorney Robert Mueller accused of hacking into the servers of the democratic party, but in exchange, Russia wants to question us intelligence officers whom he considers involved in the machinations of Hermitage Capital.

“Putin won a lot, especially because the summit with the President of the United States finally destroys any remaining attempts to isolate Russia after the crisis in Ukraine”, — the expert believes.

The Moscow dirt on trump

“We have no dirt and can not be. Don’t want to offend you, Mr President, trump and afraid to seem impolite, but before he announced that he will be a candidate for the presidency, he did not represent for us any interest. <…> What do you think we totally all work, running our intelligence service for everyone, something eavesdropping and spying? First, we do not do, unlike you. You must judge for yourself. Secondly, we have the money so no, neither the strength nor the means to all totally follow.”

Warm-up summit: how was the meeting between Putin and trump in Helsinki

“They have no information on Trump. <…> By all accounts I was a very successful businessman <…>, so if they had something (on me. — RBC), this information has become known. They (Russian. — RBC) said it was nonsense.”

On the control of nuclear weapons

“I very much hope that in the sphere of strategic stability, we will be able to find an acceptable solution for both parties, including the latter, and intermediate-range missiles. In 2021 end of the start-3 Treaty (On the reduction of strategic offensive arms. — RBC). What to do next? I have assured the President that Russia is ready to extend this contract renewal, but of course we have to talk about the details.”

“I know that President Obama said that our main problem is global warming. But I think not. The main problem is nuclear warming, this issue is five million times more important. We should be careful. Russia and the United States account for 90% of the stockpile of nuclear weapons, and we have something to do with it”.

“The issue of nuclear non-proliferation, as in many other topics, Putin demonstrated great competence, knowledge of parts, to which trump, as you know, usually there is no interest,” — said in a conversation with RBC, the expert of the Russian Council on international Affairs Maxim Suchkov. From the point of view of an expert, the impression that the Russian leader better, and a subject willing to discuss this topic.

Trump has long made it clear that he believes nuclear potential of the United States the Foundation of American military might, so he is more focused on strengthening of this component than bilateral control, notes the expert. “Putin’s position in its core is similar, but the Russian side in contrast to the administration trump more aware of the importance of preserving the existing regime of arms control to global security and strategic stability,” summed up Knots.

On the North Korean question

“President trump has done much to address this crisis. But in order to achieve the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, of course, would require international guarantees, and Russia is ready to contribute to the extent that it will require”.

“He (Putin. — RBC) also said that he wants to be very useful in the issue of North Korea. We succeed in North Korea, we have time. There’s no hurry, it lasts for many years. We returned home (American. — RBC) hostages (from North Korea. — RBC), they no longer held any (nuclear. — RBC) test, no explosions. <…> During the nine months over Japan is not passed, no rocket, our relationships (with Kim Jong Inom. — RBK), very good — have you seen what a beautiful letter he wrote me. Vladimir Putin is very interested in the fact that it (the deal with North Korea. — RBC’s) work.”

Neither the United States nor Russia has a decisive influence on North Korea do not have, said RBC senior research fellow, Center for Korean studies Institute of Far Eastern WOUND Eugene Kim. “The main factors in this context is the decision of Pyongyang, who was able to resist sanctions as well as the influence of China supporting him in close contact”, he said.

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