Fried skewers: details of the explosion in the dining room, where eight people were injured

The dining room serves Oriental cuisine at the Aviation street, blew up July 16, from the explosion of a gas cylinder. Suffered at least eight people — Uzbeks and Tajiks.

How do I find the correspondent of “MK” at the scene, in the emergency services 15.46 called several witnesses. They heard a clap, subsequent explosion, and then saw rising grey smoke. First, all agreed that the exploded car, but it turned out that the master has nothing to do with.

Mischief workers of food outlets located on the back of the restaurant, “I Samarkand”. There in the kitchen gas cylinder exploded. At the time of signing the numbers in print was known about the eight victims — all of them received suffered burns and shrapnel wounds. Some, not waiting for the arrival of the medics 03, ran to the pharmacy for bandages and ointments. Someone pharmacists saw reddened hands, others have suffered much more serious.

With the fire of 50 sq m staff MCHS handled quickly. The wounded were taken to the Metropolitan hospitals. So, the 43-year-old Kazim Musayev went for treatment in the Sklifosovsky research Institute..

Restaurant staff “I Samarkand” and car-care center were evacuated. Their buildings and property damages, in the restaurant, according to the authorities, crashed dishes.

As for the ill-fated diner, she was in demand among taxi drivers — because of low prices. Ate national dishes, there are citizens of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The school competed with the restaurant.

I sat and ate, suddenly there was cotton, – told us one Tajik. – Thought that a small explosion, and when I saw, fell in shock.

Perhaps the container dropped, which he detonated. Or was a gas leak — it is determine the experts.

According to employees of restaurant, the owners of the house have repeatedly violated safety regulations, for example, fried skewers on the gas cylinders, which is strictly prohibited. Many times they were warned, asked to remove the cylinders, but these words are ignored. Dining room now completely destroyed. Among the wreckage, investigators found one broken off and four cylinder.

The head of the refectory, assessing the scale of the disaster, just ran away. The CPS began its review. And the investigators will find out who the true owner of the establishment — the dining room was as tenants and subtenants.

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“In the West of Moscow explosion: video of an eyewitness”


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