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Field investigators of FSB have detained the former head of Department of the TFR in Moscow Alexander Drymanov. Prosecutors called him among the officers who received bribes from representatives of the criminal world

Alexander Drymanov

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General without protection

The FSB arrested General Alexander Drymanov, who at the end of may has submitted his resignation from the post of chief of the head investigative Department of the Investigative Committee (TFR) in Moscow. About this RBC reported a source in the Committee and confirmed three of the interlocutor close to the TFR.

“Drymanov, was detained under article 91 UPK the Russian Federation [as a suspect]”, — said one of interlocutors of RBC, close to the office. “The decision on detention was accepted about a month ago, yesterday he was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the bribery case Shakro Young,” said a source familiar with the investigation materials.

Drymanov, was detained in Moscow after a meeting in one of the business centers. “Last week he was actively engaged in obtaining advocate’s status”, — noted in the TFR. According to him, the investigators planned to wait for the entry into force of the sentence to the Colonel of the RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko. “But attempts Drymanov to become a lawyer in the Volgograd region, to obtain the status of spetsotryada criminal proceedings, hastened his arrest,” the source added.

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The head offices of the TFR in the regions have a special status: they are persons to begin criminal prosecution of whom is empowered only by the Chairman of the TFR. However, Drymanov has already laid off, said one source in the Investigative Committee. Officially, the presidential decree about resignation of the General was not published, but the site of a capital Central Board of SK, his name disappeared from the section on leadership.

In the case of obtaining the status of the lawyer criminal case against the General also could bring only the Investigative Committee, however, Drymanov has not had time to issue it.

The press service of the Investigative Committee failed to promptly respond to a request RBC.

The signals from the FSB

Back in September, Drymanov were searched, according to sources RBC. And in the beginning of the year the representatives of the state office of public Prosecutor named him among the officers involved in corruption and links with criminals. It happened at one of the hearings on the case of Colonel RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko, who along with several other senior officials of the TFR was charged with receiving bribes for the release from prison of Andrei Kochanova (Italian) — henchman of crime boss Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young).

The state Prosecutor Boris Loktionov said that a bribe for the release of Italian has received several high-ranking members of the Committee, including Drymanov. While at that time he was not involved in the case and was questioned only as a witness.

In addition, the arrested ex-Deputy Drymanov Denis Nikandrov has informed the investigator of the FSB, which gave the chief a bribe in the amount of €9850 for General support and its own appointment, should the documents related to the catechumens as part of the process in the case Maksimenko.

In a conversation with RBC, the then acting head of capital management SK Drymanov of all charges in the address deny. The words of General nikandrova he called “slander” and the result of the pressure that the FSB operatives have on Nikandrov in jail “Lefortovo”.

FSB has long sought the initiation of criminal proceedings against Drymanov, said in the documents: materials on he counter-intelligence agents sent to the Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin. However, he did not give them the course. Timanov is considered a close ally of the head of TFR, said the officials RBC.

After statements of the public prosecution Drymanov came to court and testified in the case Maksimenko. “I only know that to entrap me, had reported great leaders. The FSB will now prove my involvement by all available means. They have no other choice, they have reported everything to the top,” said then General.

Detained Drymanov, July 15, the Agency “Rosbalt” was told that [gave the result of the testimony that Drymanov gave him bribe in his office. “A. A. drymanov out of the rest room and handed me the bag, “Bosco”, is filled with banknotes, and whispered: “Here is 200 thousand.” Based on what I saw in the rest room US dollars, I realized that in the bag $200 thousand”, — quoted Agency of the testimony of General nikandrova.

Who is the General Drymanov

Drymanov officially became head of the GSU across Moscow in December 2015, although virtually replaced his predecessor Vadim Yakovenko few months earlier. Before moving to Moscow Glaucus, he headed to the investigative Committee Department on investigation of crimes involving the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare; in the production of this unit, for example, was a criminal case of the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko. Drymanov also oversaw the investigation of the genocide of citizens of South Ossetia during the 2008 war, and the second “Yukos case” against Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev.

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