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The US authorities accused 29-year-old Russian Maria Butina to work as a Russian agent without notice of the American authorities. She was detained in Washington on 15 July

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In Washington, arrested a citizen of Russia Maria Butina, the report said the U.S. justice Department. Its U.S. authorities accused of working in the interests of Russia and the Russian officials who are under sanctions imposed by the USA.

The girl with the same name, 29-year-old Maria Butina is a member of the Board of the Russian public organization “gun rights”. In February 2017, she became part of the delegation attending the national prayer Breakfast — a festive event with the participation of Donald trump.

According to the charges against her, Butina in 2015 and at least until February of 2017 worked “on a senior official in the Russian government, which had previously been a member of the Russian Parliament, and later became the Board of the Russian Central Bank.” The name of the official in charge is not indicated, however, noted that in April 2018 he was in the sanctions list of the USA. The composition of the Russian delegation at the prayer Breakfast in 2017, as reported by TASS, was engaged by the former Vice-speaker of the Federation Council, later to become the Chairman of the Central Bank, Secretary of state Alexander Torshin. The indictment also confirmed that in February 2017 Butina and an unnamed Russian official visited the national prayer Breakfast.

In the published text of the indictment indicates that Butina came to the US in 2016 on a student visa F-1. Thus, before and after her arrival Butina was special assistant to a Russian official and acted according to his instructions. According to the FBI, Butina was engaged in establishing contacts with U.S. officials “to establish a private, or as she called them, “bypass” channels of communication”. “These channels of communication could be used by the Russian Federation with the aim of influencing the decision-making process in the United States to promote the interests of Russia”, — said in conclusion. In addition, Butina and directed her to the Russian official, according to the FBI, “planned to promote Russia’s long-term strategic interests in the United States in particular, with establishing relations with American political institutions, including organization for protection of the right to arms.”

In this framework, Butina, receiving a job from an unnamed Russian official, organized meetings with American politicians and candidates for official posts, attended events with the participation of important political figures, reporting on the outcome of her handler, said in the indictment. The document also some two citizens of the USA, whose names were not called. In the document they appear under the symbols “Person one and Person two”. With them she maintained regular contact through e-mails, fragments of which are contained in the document.

With the “one Person” Butina made contact in 2013 in Moscow. He assisted her in establishing contacts with American politicians, including the leadership organizations for the protection of the right to arms. In 2015, she sent him a letter, in the topic of correspondence was the title “the Second Pozner” (in the footnote to this paragraph stated that according to the FBI, it was a reference to journalist Vladimir Pozner). In the letter, which was translated into English using the Google Translate service, talked about the intention to establish contact with a certain political party of the United States, which was to gain control over the US government after the 2016 election, and which, as was stated in the letter “is traditionally associated with an aggressive foreign policy, particularly towards Russia”. With this purpose Butina offered to get in touch with the organization for the protection of the right to arms, which was the largest sponsor of the party. Later, at the end of 2016, she discussed with the “one Person” part of the Russian delegation to the National prayer Breakfast.

The Chairman of the Central Bank Alexander Torshin at the time of publication was unable to answer the call RBC.

The NYT gave the leak about the attempt of the Chairman of the Central Bank to bring over dinner, Putin and trump


In November 2017, the newspaper The New York Times citing sources said that during the Senate investigation of ties the team of Donald trump with Russia it was found that Torshin in may 2016 tried to organize a meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald trump. To this end, he through a representative got in touch with the team at trump. However, the team of the future President of the United States decided to abandon the proposal, the decision was made personally by trump in-law Jared Kushner.

In April 2018 Alexander Torshin included in the sanctions list of the U.S. Treasury.

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