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According to the Russian leader, spectracolor United States may request to conduct interrogations of those whom Washington considers guilty of violating us laws, in the framework of “working effectively” between Nations agreements

Robert Mueller

(Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP)

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a press conference after talks with us leader Donald trump in Helsinki said that spectracolor USA Robert Mueller to question 12 of the Russians in Washington called the alleged hackers from the Russian military intelligence. About it reports RBC.

“With regard to 12 employees allegedly our intelligence services. I about it do not know anything yet, I still need to figure out, but the President has put this issue with me,” said the Russian leader.

According to him, it is about the agreement of 1999 on mutual assistance in criminal matters, which provides for “certain procedures teamwork.” Putin assured that the document “effectively working.”

“We can offer to a relevant Prosecutor has sent us an official request to conduct the interrogations of those people whom he believes guilty of wrongdoing. Prosecutors can conduct interrogations and send US the information,” — said Putin.

He also noted that the Russian authorities can prevent US officials to attend these interviews.

“But then we would expect that the actions were mutual. The US questioned those whom we think guilty of wrongdoing in Russia.
Well, as everyone knows, Hermitage Capital”, — said the President during a press conference.

12 “friends of” Hillary: the accusations of US “hackers from GRU”


We are talking about a list of 12 people, which on Friday announced the U.S. Department of justice. This is Boris Antonov, Dmitry badin, Ivan Ermakov, Pavel Ershov, Nikolai Kozachek, Anatoly Kovalev, Alexei Lukashev, Artem Malyshev, Sergey Morgachev, Victor Netyksha, Alexander Osadchuk and Alexander Potemkin. According to the U.S. Department they are employees of the main Directorate of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces (former GRU) and is responsible for interference in the elections of 2016, namely for breaking the correspondence of the candidate in US presidents from Democrats Hillary Clinton and servers of the party.

All 12 Russians were charged in absentia charged. The indictment indicated that they are involved in a conspiracy against the American government, and identity theft with aggravating circumstances and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

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