The details of the kidnapping, who fled from the persecution of the gay Chechen

“Novaya Gazeta” revealed the details of the failed abduction of a native of Chechnya Zelimkhan Akhmadov, who fled the Republic due to the suspicion of homosexuality. According to the newspaper, the kidnappers were four, one of whom previously acquired a counterfeit business card of a police officer.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Earlier it became known that the kidnapping of 20-year-old Zelimkhan Akhmadov staged his own father – a prominent businessman, owning car dealerships in Grozny and Samara.

The incident occurred in St. Petersburg on 13 July, at an apartment complex on Vasilievsky island. According to “Novaya Gazeta”, when Akhmadov left the house, he was attacked by four men, bundled into a black BMW and drove to the hostel on moss street and waited for father.

Then a friend of the kidnapped turned to the staff of “Russian LGBT network”. Defenders, in turn, interviewed witnesses of the incident and went to the police, who managed to “break” the machine number of the attackers and to promptly establish the whereabouts of the young man.

After a few hours of Zelimkhan and his father were taken to the police station for questioning. The other four Chechens were not detained, but the identity of one of them installed. According to “Novaya Gazeta”, we are talking about the driver of the BMW, which was presented to the guards of the residential complex where he lived Akhmadov, the false certificate of the employee of police of St. Petersburg.

As the newspaper notes, during his stay in office father tried to persuade his son to record a video statement in which he acknowledged that he was not gay. Akhmadov, however, to make such statements refused.

Earlier, 20-year-old Zelimkhan Akhmadov appealed to the LGBT network and reported that he was persecuted in Chechnya, because of suspicions of homosexual orientation. He said that he was several times arrested at home by police and beaten, while the police advised his brother to “do the honor killing”. Then LGBT activists have provided to Zelimkhan apartment in St. Petersburg.

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