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The decision to make public the charges against 12 employees of the GRU to the summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki was made personally by President trump found out the Agency. The American President could postpone the announcement of the results of the investigation

Donald Trump

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New allegations about the involvement of Russian secret services in the US presidential election was made public before the summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki with a personal endorsement of Donald trump, Bloomberg reports, citing sources familiar with the matter.

According to them, trump was hoping that the new charges will strengthen its position during negotiations with the Russian President in Helsinki.

The news Agency said that Deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein came to the President of the United States with the new materials of the investigation and asked him to decide before or after the summit with Putin to bring them to light. Trump chose immediate publication, in the end, the issue was in the focus of American and world media for 72 hours prior to the meeting of the presidents.

12 “friends of” Hillary: the accusations of US “hackers from GRU”


Rosenstein, announced that a Grand jury brought charges in absentia 12 employees of the Russian special services, who are suspected of hacking into the computer networks of the candidate in US presidents from Democrats Hillary Clinton and networks of the party itself, at a briefing on July 13. The accusations came as part of an investigation of Russian interference in the election, which is held by spectracolor Robert Mueller. Russia has repeatedly denied such accusations.

Deputy attorney General said at the time that we are talking about the 12 employees of the Main Directorate of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces, who are accused of stealing user names and passwords of volunteers of the campaign, Clinton and the data of the head of her election headquarters of John Podestà. It is alleged that intelligence officers, formerly of the GRU, has also hacked the computer network of the national Committee of the Democratic party. According to Rosenstein, hack action began around March 2016.

“Everything went fine”: what he was talking about trump and Putin in an interview with Fox News


Talks trump and Putin took place in Helsinki on 16 July. At the final press conference, speaking about interference in the election, trump expressed ambiguous, which gave occasion to the press to interpret his words as lack of information of their own intelligence. The next day, in Washington, trump held a press conference at which he said that he misspoke during a speech in Helsinki. “I accept the conclusions of the intelligence community, that there had been interference. And there was no conspiracy,” assured trump.

Spectacular Mueller is investigating Russian intervention in elections in may 2017. He has repeatedly made charges against the Russians to intervene, but never could, at least indirectly, confirm the main point, for which he was appointed spectaculorum — the accusation trump and members of his team in collusion with Russia before the presidential campaign of 2016. Of collusion as proven fact for several months almost every day was reported by mainstream us media, primarily CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times.

Trump was called a conspiracy charge “witch hunt”, and distribute their media — the creators of fake news. The protection of trump stated that he would agree to testify to the public Prosecutor, if he produces at least some evidence that the collusion team trump with the Kremlin really took place.

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