Former national team player, Kiryakov attacked journalist Rabiner

The former striker of the national team of Russia on football and former coach of the Tula “Arsenal” Sergey Kiryakov was hit in the face browser “Sport-Express” Igor Rabiner near the Studio “Match TV”, where both were invited as guests. This was reported by a sports publication, the details described on the page on Facebook himself Rabiner.


Igor Rabiner

The journalist said that the kyriaki with the move, asked him if he wanted him to say something. Receiving a negative reply, he hit the Explorer, he got into a fight, but conflicting separated.

“A year ago, in may 2017, I criticized it in the pages of “SE” for the work and especially the behavior at the head of the Tula “Arsenal”. And the criticism was that is called, perfectly working, without a hint of insult. I remembered that there was something, but without the details,” recalled Rabiner probable cause discontent Kiryakova.

The journalist has told that feels normally and report it to the police does not want to, because it is not his time.

“Player, coach and expert Kiryakova for our editorial no longer exists. At least until then, until brought to a public apology to the browser” – supported by Rabiner “Sport-Express”.

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