From Cheryshev to Mbappe: we have collected the symbolic team for the 2018 world Cup

Summarizing such major sporting events like the world Cup, is one of the most enjoyable journalistic duties. Choosing the best of the best, remember the brightest moments of the tournament: amazing goals and saves, mind-boggling comeback and manifestations of nature and of will, as if reliving with the participants of the world championship episodes of their glory and triumph.

Today we make a symbolic team of best players of the world Cup, which, much to our regret, did not get to players such as Alexander Golovin and Mario Fernandez, Edinson Cavani and Lionel Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo even.

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Mick Jagger in “Luzhniki”

Thibaut Courtois (Belgium)

Our Igor — Igor Akinfeev, you ask? Russian gate guard really played a great tournament, and already only won one penalty shoot-out in Spain is expensive. But our wortzik to the title of the very little not reached. Every reason to get the “Golden gloves” was the English Keeper Jordan Pickford and delighted audiences with his mastery of the Dane Kasper Schmeichel, and not just to save goal against Costa Rican Keilor Navas. No claims to virtually error-free tournament and the goalkeeper of the world Champions Hugo Lloris, but if you count the weight of the goalkeepers in the success of its teams at the world Cup, Courtois is out of competition.

Kieran, Triple (England)

The player with the appearance of an English trucker and a surname of French gigolo left his game a very pleasant experience. Perhaps, Kieran along with the goalkeeper Pickford scored at the world Cup, whist more than any other English team. Gaming scheme Gareth Southgate with three Central defenders and turned Triple in such English Alexander Samedov, which seems like a fixed position of right defender, but offensively the player takes as a minimum no less participation.

Note that at the mercy of the player Tottenham had been given a large part of the standard provisions. And that’s with the free kick Kieran scored the only goal in the tournament, placing the shell exactly in the right for yourself “nine” gates Horvath Daniel Subasic in the semifinals. To hold on for victory the British failed, but Triple in this match and the previous one was one of the most prominent figures in the field as part of the British.

John Stones (England)

British Central defender swept through the football of Russia with an equally bright from touring than repeatedly doing this Mick Jagger with his “Rolling stones”. It was even fun to watch in the stands “Luzhniki”, the leader of the “rolling stones”, he once collected a full house here, has evolved from global rock stars in the conventional fan, not kupivshego emotions. And some of these emotions gave Jagger including defender of the British.

The name of the Stones became known to a wider circle of fans only because of the world Cup, but now it’s easy to see why the head coach of Manchester city, PEP Guardiola did not stint before the tournament, compliments of the ward. The Spaniard is clearly not afraid to praise his centerdata, claiming that he will play in the “citizens”, as long as will be able to enter the field.

The powerful defender was substituted in the world Cup only once, and that it happened in the final match of the group stage with the Belgians, to win that England did not intend, and the stones became one of the few players who Gareth Southgate was released in the starting lineup.

The defender scored twice in the game with Panama, but were extremely useful in attacking in the rest of the matches, playing an important role in the drawing of standard provisions.

Marcelo (Brazil)

Great who played in the world Cup if not the result, the content of the Brazilians brought to Russia close to the ideal composition, but there were those who stood out against the background. Neymar with all the available talent made the whole world to look at their acting skills. The most important in the tactical plan for the team Casemiro from-for search of yellow cards dropped out at the crucial moment, and replaced him with Fernandinho, if forgotten, sent the ball into his own net at the beginning of the quarterfinal meeting with the Belgians, where the tournament they were interrupted. The main star of the Brazilian national team in Russia was Marcelo.

Defender of Madrid “real” is not the first year the best in the world at their position, but to fix and very accurately determine this position is not possible — so a wide range of his actions on the field. Marcelo is ready to give odds in the attack of the omnipresent attacker Willian, and the organization of the game in midfield, it is no less useful than, say, Paulinho or Coutinho. In terms of the obstruction in defense, Marcelo is not as good as Thiago Silva, but not inferior in the selection of another all-rounder — Fagner. Be composed of Brazilians of at least one other player with the same makings of a leader, five-time world Champions certainly would have passed the world championship on the quarter-finals.

Kilian Mbappe (France)

The young Frenchman’s first match at the world Cup was fascinated by his explosive speed and technique with the ball fans around the world. Among those, of course, who was not familiar with the game Kilian match for PSG. Perhaps it is Mbappe can be called the most quickly advancing and growing in price a star of world football. Well, that striker is still young enough to get the prize “the Best young player of world Cup”. Otherwise, when determining the best player of the world Cup could cause serious problems. And Griezmann took the best player of the final, Modric tournament, and Mbappe became the best player under 21 that by and large all staged.

N Golo Kante (France)

The halfback “Chelsea” confidently burned his area on the field from the first day of the world championship. Maybe he didn’t play in the final, but confronted him in her none other than Luka Modric, who after the final whistle declared the best player of the tournament. Pair of Central Midfielders Pogba — Kant unconditionally became the best at the world Cup, providing the French the balance between defence and attack, close to perfect.

Paul Pogba (France)

The midfielder of the national team of France in the Russian world Cup in addition to the overall team task was personal and to finally get the game thread the team has long been searching for a leader in their own hands. With the decision of the first goal of Pogba and “blue” coped brilliantly, raising in total over the head of the world Cup. Decided Pogba and personal challenge, but only partly. A couple with N Golo Kante they closed for the opponents Central zone, pushing the attacking attempts of the opponents to the flanks, but to say that this world championship was a tournament named after Pogba would be an exaggeration.

Whether it was the result of a clear execute the coaching game plan when Deschamps “podushevoe” attacking rush the Field and asked that very strictly operate primarily in the destruction of other people’s attacks? Perhaps it was, but says it is not about lack of ambition midfielder, and his game maturity. To step on the throat of his own song ready not every player whose transfer value is estimated by sums over EUR 100 million. But rather it is symbolic that the goal Pogba scored with a beautiful shot from the penalty, became in the end in the final victory.

Luka Modric (Croatia)

About the best player in the 2018 world Cup said and written complimentary words already abound, but once again we note the role of the halfback Madrid “real” in the team action. It seemed that he was everywhere: in place of Rakitic, Brozovich, Mandzukic… Except from the goal line, the ball carried instead of Subasic.

Denis Cheryshev (Russia)

Player, the appropriateness of the call to the national team which before the start of the world championship there were serious doubts, became one of the main discoveries at the world Cup. With four goals Denis shared second place in the list of snipers of the tournament with Romelu Lukaku and Kilian Mbappe, losing the championship only to Harry Kane. But it is worth noting that of all scorers in the championship, who played more than 1 match at the world Cup, Cheryshev spent less time on the goal. On average, a goal rivals Denis needed just 76 minutes, which is absolutely the best figure of the world Cup in Russia. For comparison, Lukaku needed a goal at 119 minutes, Mbappe — 133,5, and Kane — 95,5.

Harry Kane (England)

Best scorer of the championship did on the field for anything unusual. Classic striker who all the time aimed at the hit, that and not enough of the England team since the days of Alan Shearer. Simplicity is the brand of Cain, in which he confidently traveled all the competitors in the dispute over “Golden boot”.

Eden Hazard (Belgium)

Playing style of hazard allows him to be the most noticeable player on the field even in the wrong for his teams matches. His dribbling and sharp passes can not bribe, but when the team loses, hazard seems to be nothing to do with it. The flaws in his game, was certainly, as in the actions of the entire Belgian national team, which tried to convince the public that the mess in her performance — the part of the author’s handwriting, which is difficult to read the opponent. But with all the problems the Belgians were third, and the contribution of hazard to this achievement, no less than Romelu Lukaku or Marouane Fellaini.

Coach: Didier Deschamps (France)

Perhaps the most difficult to select a nomination. Many of the 32 mentors teams left a bright trace in the world championship. Colombian Juan Carlos Osorio with the national team of Mexico in the eyes of the light is indicative of disassembled parts German car Joachim Loew. Wonderfully made the national team of Russia under the leadership of Stanislav Cherchesov, and one of the lowest paid professionals in the world championship — Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic — presumably, deserve a raise. You may recall the Japanese, who were delighted with his play in the 1/8 finals with the Belgians, but in the end it charged to attack steering “samurai” by Akira Nishino, who did not want to play the second number, leading 2:0, led to the humiliating defeat of Asians.

But first, we still put a trainer of Champions, Didier Deschamps, who 20 years after his victory at the world championship as a player has now led France to victory in the world Cup in the status of the coach. With pretty decent overall performance, not all matches involving the French team was spectacular, but a goalless draw in their last group match against the Danes is called the most boring meeting of the tournament. Admits it himself Deschamps, not forgetting to remind you that the team he is still very young, and 14 of the 23 players who came to Russia before at the world Championships is not performed.

Individual awards the 2018 world Cup

The “Golden ball” — prize given to the best player of the tournament, the group’s experts technical analysis of the FIFA awarded to Croatia midfielder Luka Modric. Second place in this honor list went to the Belgian Eden Hazard, and closes the top three winners of the Frenchman Antoine Griezmann.

The Golden boot, awarded to the best scorer of the world Cup, went to the captain of the England Harry Kane, which account for 6 goals.

“Silver boot” went to Antoine Griezmann, who scored in Russia 4 goals and made 2 assists.

“Bronze boot” belongs to Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku (4 goals and 1 assist).

The prize for fair play awarded the Spanish national team.

Golden glove, awarded to the best goalkeeper of the world championship, according to technical analysis by FIFA, has become a well-deserved award of the goalkeeper of Belgians Thibaut Courtois.

The best young player of the world Cup named the France striker Kilian Mbappe.

Alexander Pokachev



“From the beginning of the world Cup, Courtois has shown himself as a goalkeeper of world class. The game on the goal line, at the exit, the game hands and feet — all these points it at the highest level. He helped out in every match. In spite of two-meter growth, it is ductile, flexible, easy to pull into the split. For a goalkeeper it is very good. He deserved became the best goalkeeper of the world championship”.

Permanent expert “MK” apprentice and understudy Lev Yashin in Moscow “Dynamo”, honored coach of Russia, Professor of MGAFK Oleg IVANOV.

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