Head coach of Croatian Dalic rigidly appealed to politicians

The Croatian national team at the 2018 world Cup has become perhaps the most important discovery. Few expected that the “checkers” will make it to the final, but nevertheless they were in the final match, though eventually lost to France. Now the head coach of the national team Zlatko Dalic appealed to politicians of his country and make it nice and tight, urging you not to use the successes of players to improve the image.

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Zlatko Dalic

Croatia national team for the 2018 world Cup won first place in the group, simultaneously defeating the national team of Argentina, and in the playoffs of the tournament showed his very stable squad: all three games of 1/8 finals, quarterfinals and semi – finals- went to a penalty shootout or extra time. After victories over Denmark, Russia and England, the Croats reached the final, where they lost France and took second place at the world Cup.

Zlatko Dalic, which resulted in “checkers” to success, has appealed to politicians of his country and did it in a rigid form.

“This generation of players showed that the team can succeed regardless of country. I write this because of the complex situation in Croatia. It is the poorest country of the European Union and run it the people who are related to crime. I appeal to politicians and government officials who brought people to the suffering: we don’t want to interact with you. Please respect our decision, do not wear t-shirts of the national team and use our success to improve its image”, – quotes the words of Galicia “championship”.

Head coach of Croatia, has listed a number of problems of the country such as corruption, poor financial situation of people and chaos in various systems, such as health.

The 2018 world Cup . Chronicle of events

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