Re-elected President of the Federation of bobsleigh Alexander Zubkov spoke about the machinations of enemies

Alexander Zubkov was re-elected President of the FBSR. After that, he agreed to act in the “MK” with a mission statement.

Photo: AGN “Moscow”.

Alexander ZUBKOV, the President of Federation of bobsleigh and skeleton of Russia, specially for “MK”

In the Federation of bobsleigh and skeleton of Russia, which I chair, held an election. And I have entrusted to continue to lead the FBSR.

The main result of the election is that the Federation failed to split. 19 out of 20 delegates voted not so much for me, but for the continuation of the course in which we go along these two years. Most colleagues did not agree that the Federation is in crisis, and the sport results of the observed failure.

My rivals Anatoly Pegov and Oleg Sokolov – withdrew their candidacies in order then to gain recognition election is not legitimate. However, they were strictly according to law, and all the talk about violations isn’t true. And we are ready to present a legal justification.

The goal was simple – any way to eliminate Zubkov. Not that the President was someone else, but simply that it was not me. The Federation was expecting either anarchy or a continuation of the nightmare in which we live and work for almost a year. A number of bespoke pieces were prepared under the election. Some of my colleagues have experienced that for a long time I feel. About the same degree of “truthfulness” talking about me and my family. And I’m just speechless when I read such things about my family.

Before the election talked about the fact that the international Federation of bobsleigh and skeleton (IBSF) I inevitably disqualifiziert that the suspension will be extended to all athletes, deliberately mixing my disqualification as an athlete and as a functionary.

It is also important that members of the Federation have adopted a common solution, and accepted, despite the pressure that they exerted. They have shown independence and maturity of approach, showing themselves to be real professionals.

We have a program of concrete steps that we have already started to implement. We got approval for what we were doing in 2016, from IBSF. The Secretary General of our Federation Sergey Parkhomenko became the assistant to the President of the IBSF Ivo Ferriani that allows us to fight for the return of international competitions in Russia. And I am sure that we will be able to do it. Fall will begin pilot school Zubkov in Sochi…

The main thing to stop this endless confrontation and be able to operate normally.

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