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Russia withdrew from among the largest holders of us government bonds. For two months Moscow has refused from the papers of more than $80 billion

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The U.S. Treasury Department released a report stating which countries are the largest holders of us bonds. In the list of 33 countries, among which there is Russia. This means that the total amount of Treasury securities owned by Moscow in may, less than $30 billion.

According to the Finance Ministry, at the end of may, Russia had bonds of $14.9 billion, which is less than Kazakhstan or South Africa.

For comparison, in April, Russia was on the list with bonds totaling $48.7 billion was Already mentioned that Moscow is rapidly dumped American securities, since March, the figure exceeded $96 billion, when Russia was in the middle of the list, avoiding including Canada, France and Germany. At the end of 2017 Russia had U.S. Treasury securities by $102,2 billion.

Commenting on June 19, the April figures, the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina said that the authorities are pursuing a policy of diversification, assessing all risks – financial, economic, geopolitical.

While Nabiullina refused to explain where the Central Bank put reserves derived from the United States. Also she did not say whether the actions of the regulator with the April sanctions, first affecting public companies.

Total international reserves of the Central Bank in April–may has not changed (about $457 billion), that is, the Central Bank shifted from one asset to another. During this period, its reserves are deposited in foreign securities, declined by $47 billion to $226 billion, while the reserves in cash and deposits in other Central banks, the Bank for international settlements, the IMF and foreign commercial banks, by contrast, grew by nearly the same $47 billion ($140 billion), follows from the data of the Bank of Russia.

In addition, the Central Bank in April–may and bought more than 1 million Troy ounces of gold. Breakdown of investments by country or currency, the Central Bank does not (at the end of 2017, investments in U.S. dollars held by 45.8% of reserves).

High, Russian investments in US debt was reached in October 2010 — $176,3 billion.

The largest holders of U.S. government bonds as of may are China ($1183,1 billion), Japan ($1048.8 billion), Ireland ($301 billion), Brazil ($299,2 billion), UK ($265 billion).

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