“Soccer circus has left – what left?!”

It was twenty years ago. The French team made 3:0 at home in the final of the world Cup Brazil and Paris turned into one giant disco. Trudging through it to my hotel on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne, towards the end of the race I ran into a bonus: the owner of our nearby eatery Renee in honor of the victory put all the free booze. And not the last, I must say, the football people this case then used — in particular, the recent England coach Terry Venables. He testoval for a fellow winner aimé Jacquet, but Renee as a very absently listened to him.

photo: Alex geldings

— Mind you, half an hour closed, said standing on the spill chief. — I have to catch the Champs.

— And why is that? There is an unruly crowd, jumping on the roofs of cars, and here — decent. Or are you not enough adrenaline?..

You are wrong. Globally wrong! There is not the crowd, not the crowd. There nation! And if I join it, never forgive!

And shut down because Renee is a bench — however, after about an hour after promised, not before. But we Venables open freebies in that crazy night didn’t stop — I found where to continue. Most of all remember, as Terry insisted that the team needs to practice his own man, not a foreigner. Until that mentality will drive…

…Two decades the Champs-elysées in Moscow will be St. Nicholas. The Russian national team and this does not have to win a home world Cup on the background of stable failures the length of ten years in order to make the country happy, it will be sufficient and make the quarter-finals. And the grandmother on the benches at the entrances, know now, who are Cherchesov, Akinfeev and Dzagoev.

In 2008 we already had a semblance of such football success — and even better because on the championship the national team reached the semi-finals. But that better not here is full Austria with Switzerland — and provoked only a short-term surge in audience interest. Back on your outdated stadiums and miserable field: then only the “Luzhniki” modernized was quoted at the level of the Champions League finals, and there in the construction of the roof somehow forgot to take into account that due to the reduction of the area of sunlight the grass will start to rot. That she began, from-for what “Puddle” to the point — and very true — nicknamed “the swamp.”

Wouldn’t it have a countless number of fields and under the open sky: football koskosalma then was appointed Roman Abramovich, and who was closer to him, the total bypass endless lines of applicants, the mini-stadium and. But in the country everything that happened was like Sarita of Pinocchio five gold coins to the next assigned tree on which clusters were to grow players. In fact, Alexander Golovin minted in Kemerovo, its native area on asphalt with a ball, bought with the money his parents under supervision of the miners plyasunova with a salary of 4 (four) thousand monthly rubles and did not even know that there is such program — state! — the education and development of young players. Did not match in any way why-that in one place dancers, Golovin and lawn from Abramovich — it’s still a bit “Chelsea”.

But the stars on our football sky stretched once before intricate that did not come down with the football scenes heroes of a decade ago — Akinfeev, Ignashevich, Zhirkov — waited-taki the national team broke through the asphalt of talent Golovin. And the coach, according to the precepts of my long-time companion of Venables, after foreign failures was invited domestic (by the way, England also reached have not seen success under the leadership of “their” coach of Southgate).

And puzzle happened! Suddenly, unexpectedly and against all odds.

But no one really knows that descended on the head of success to do next. To develop? Yes, too much higher?! Support? But how?!

It was a stray, ten of the eleven cities and stadiums, the circus that cool noise that drew a loud Billboard, gave hitherto unprecedented here we have an attraction that brought cash and left, goodbye and promised not to return. Never.

And we stayed here. Forever.

Left proud to be an outlandish match Tunisia — Panama is easily able to gather in the city of Saransk sorokiniana sold out. Yes, once self-respecting and scope of the event, the inhabitant of Mordovia is ready to proudly put one and a half thousand blood roubles for the ticket the last category of comfort, but for the normal functioning of the stadium-the inheritance is needed for this audience ten times per season gave one hundred and fifty rubles on the game, “Mordovia” with “Armavir”, “Tyumen” and “Chertanovo”.

And that he will carry them there, I very much doubt it: last fall, on one radio fan from Penza shared with me the statistics of their routine provincial life. All digits I do not remember, but here’s what hit the brain for a long time: after deducting all the essential expenses person can afford to leave three thousand rubles on food and another dog. (Wife, unlike a dog, when such income he can get, of course, not.) Therefore, I would be happy to support the local “Zenit”, but to starve for the sake of it is not ready.

And just a month later — coincidentally — I was in a match “a torpedo” and the Penza “Zenith”. A guest team from the beginning of the season saw no money came to the capital by bus under the promise of a mythical sponsor to pay before the game all the debts. But then the appointed sponsor whether he changed his mind, or simply not come — and in the end managed to persuade to come out and play “for the honor of the club and the city” exactly eleven players, without a single spare. Judging by the events on the field, not all of them were in their positions, and in General, to be honest, professionals in some of them to recognize it is quite difficult. “Torpedo” won 9:0 and were able to fill and a lot more, but said the Guild solidarity.

I then talked with the representatives of “Zenit” — they told that are trying to attract sponsors, but those come to the stadium and there are people enough to swear. Well, the point to pay?.. And lasted until the winter of the “Zenit” — and went bankrupt. Well, my radio friend single item of expenditure was less.

There may, of course, is one such region in the whole country dysfunctional in the football sense. I was recently in Volgograd in the Russian Cup final — it’s simply amazing, the eyeballs scored a huge stadium. But it was free — like the drink from Renee. And when the world Cup is over and it is time to pay for tickets for matches “the Rotor” money in the city there was a rain — like in the Volga region in the summer occasionally, but still happens, Yes, such that had eroded the sandy flooring next to the stadium.

Watch the video on:
“”The Volgograd Arena” got rained out right after the 2018 world Cup”


So not all the guests had to fly, and we are already the objects of their visit are starting to recover.

The right as new from abroad have returned.

The 2018 world Cup . Chronicle of events

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