The dramatic appeal of Croatia coach Delica politicians proved to be a fake

Head coach of Croatia Zlatko Dalic, as reported by the media, allegedly in hard fare appealed to Croatian politicians, urging them to stay away from the national team out. However, it soon became clear that this – fake, and for the words of the specialist publications have adopted a journalists ‘ material.


Wednesday, July 18, some media appeared appeal Zlatko Delica to Croatian politicians, in which he allegedly urged the authorities not to use the success of the national team to improve its image, and strongly requested not to be photographed in t-shirts in Croatia and in General “stay away”.

However, it turned out to be fake. It turns out that this text was published on the website 14 July, i.e. before the final of the 2018 world Cup, in which Croatia lost to France and won a silver medal.

The text, signed by journalist Igor Premuium, which was made in the form of treatment of Galicia. And in this material was first submitted the information that the reward Croatia will be donated to charity.

The 2018 world Cup . Chronicle of events

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