“The hottest movie premieres of the week

“SKAN-Interfax” has made a rating of coming out to rent movies by the number of posts about them in the media

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– This week in Russian cinemas out of seven films, including the horror film “Paranormal”, which foreign critics have given a very high assessment of the Russian Comedy “Kilimanjaro” and “Club of billionaires” – the first film with Kevin spacey after he was charged with harassment. “SKAN-Interfax” analyzed which tapes were most often mentioned in the media and on social networks.

The absolute leader in the number of publications was the film “Paranormal” about two brothers who escaped from the sect of the end of the world that after 10 years, then decide to visit his former “family”. This film, whose rating on the reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes critics 97%, mentioned in the Russian press 183 times.

On the second place on popularity in the media with more than 100 publications is the Russian Comedy “Kilimanjaro”. The main character of the film Maroussia (Irina Starshenbaum) goes in search of the missing groom in his native Azerbaijan.

In third place is the minimum margin (103 mentions) is a fantastic movie “Zoe”, which tells about the scientists that in the near future doing a program that calculates the couples compatibility and develop the perfect romantic partners synthetics. However, they themselves will have to evaluate the results of their work.

In fourth place with 74 publications is “Club of billionaires” – the tape is about young entrepreneurs who in the early 1980s decide to Scam, however, are hostages of this situation. In this film, one of the main roles was played by Kevin spacey, this is his first appearance on the big screen after last fall he was accused of harassment.

In fifth place (24 publications) is Comedy “Office chaos” about the employees of the company, brutalized after they drink a special energy drink (and in fact, military development).

Rest of the premiere had less than ten publications. On the German drama “This is fucking heart” about the unexpected friendship of a partier and undergrowth with a heart defect, media reported nine times. The project “the CARTOON movie. Issue No. 78. Our summer!” was mentioned in the press twice.

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