The journalist of “MK” was called to fight Kiryakova, beat sportswriter of Rabiner

Explorer “Sport Express” Igor Rabiner beat former striker of the Russian national team, ex-coach of the Tula “Arsenal” Sergey Kiryakov. Our sports journalist Alexei Safonov, champion of Eastern Europe in powerlifting and member of MMA fights, caused Kiryakova for the fight.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Alexey Safonov.

Conflict Kiryakova with Rainero happened in the television Studio, where they called on the football broadcast.

Last year Igor Rabiner published an article in which he criticized the left post of the trainer of “Arsenal”. The author accused Kiryakova rudeness towards fans and coach Andrew Talalaeva.

Having met Rabiner on TV, Kiryakov remembered old scores and asked if Igor wants him to explain something about this. And when Rauner refused, got into the eye. Now on the face of a huge hematoma. The fight was separated by the TV crew.

A word from our journalist Alexei Safonov.

“Not that I believe journalists cannot be beaten, but…

It is possible, as all people if the cause. But the best fight is the one that did not take place. As we say in mixed martial arts, where to hit people, not only legally, but also sometimes financially beneficial.

Igor Rabiner. Photo:

Journalist Igor Rabiner claims that the former player of the national team of Russia Sergey Kiryakov hit him. For the note. There must be reason much more than a year ago when Alexander Orlov, known in fan circles as “the Gingerbread man”, in the NTV punched the reporter live at all for anything. But the desire to stand up now and then — I’m certainly not less.

Comrade Kyriaki. There are people stronger is weaker. Something tells me in this situation, you raised your hand on the man just because he was aware of the difference in physical condition.

Or are you ready to fight anybody who in any way criticizes your coaching.

Respect the fact that you are twice as old as me (although George foreman became world champion, and 50). But if you have to fight with a journalist, then I have another candidate. You allow yourself something that is impossible. If it was pimp, the same pimp — stick up for the weaker, no offense Igor.

Not eager to act with your methods, just asking: you really would be willing to raise a hand to me because I agree with Rainero in his assessment of your professional activity on a post of the trainer of “Arsenal”?

If Yes, then I have a lot of sites that can offer the time, place and format of the meeting and to employ you for one night as a fighter. In the absence of you from other arguments, you now need to take, right?

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