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The Grand jury approved another charge against the arrested in USA Russian women’s Butinai. To charges of conspiring to become a foreign agent added the point about the real work as inherent without registration

Maria Butina

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To charges of conspiracy to operate a foreign agent, which on 16 July had been brought against the arrested in the United States of a Russian citizen’s Butinai, added one more, according to Politico.

The Prosecutor of the district of Columbia Jesse Liu signed the indictment, which says that she not only participated in the conspiracy to operate as a foreign agent, but really acted as a foreign agent at least 2015.

Prosecutors failed to convince a Grand jury, which approved a new charge against the Russians. The maximum penalty for this charge provides for imprisonment for up to ten years. The first accusation of collusion included a five-year term of imprisonment.

The lawyer of Butynol Robert Driscoll the day before made a statement in which he disputed the initial charge, and stated that his client, a recent College graduate, not “sought to influence or undermine a particular policy or law of the United States, it sought to improve relations between the two countries.”

In the court documents stated that Butina operated under the guidance of a senior Russian official and tried to arrange a meeting with the “residents of the United States having an impact on American politics, including the organization, promoting the right to the possession of arms, <…> with the purpose of promoting the interests of the Russian Federation”.

The indictment did not name a Russian official, neither the organization, defending the right to own guns. However, the publication clarifies that we are talking about the ex-Senator Alexander Torshin. Butina worked before his assistant, reported Reuters. She Torshin are members of the National rifle Association of the United States. 2016 Butina living in the United States on a student visa.

Politico calls Torshin “assistant to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin” and a longtime supporter of the National rifle Association, which has ties “with Russian intelligence agencies, and representatives of organized crime.”

Who is Maria Butina and why it is threatened with imprisonment in USA


As previously wrote RBC, in the investigation of Butynol was attended by the FBI, which gained access to her correspondence and the contents of her phone. In conclusion, FBI special agent Kevin Helsana applied to charges in respect of Butynol, she assigned aiding in the creation of a secret channel of communication between the elites of the Republican party and the Russian leadership. Supposedly in the period of study at a University of Washington from 2015 to 2017 Butina acted as the Kremlin’s agent of influence. Indicated that she received instructions from a senior Russian official, whose name was not reported.

Earlier, the Russian Embassy in the US said that Washington is seeking to provide consular access to Butinai. The Embassy noted that such possibility was not given.

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