Mass arson of buses interested in the state Duma of the Russian Federation

The Chairman of the state Duma Committee on family, women and children Tamara Pletnev appealed to the Minister of the interior Vladimir Kolokoltsev with a request to take under personal control investigation of criminal case concerning the arson of more than 20 new buses at a closed Parking for Typographical the streets of the capital, the damage from which is estimated at 160 million rubles.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

According to Pletnev, the arson suggests, the government has been unable to fully ensure the safety of bus transportation. According to the Deputy of the state Duma, it is obvious that the crime is willing to do anything to not give this legitimate carriers.

On the market of intercity and interregional bus transportation difficult situation. “A high degree of opacity to the field of bus transportation causes substantial damage to the Russian economy, and prevents the formation of a civilized market of transport services, causing passengers, including many women and children do not receive quality services, are at risk of moving on to the faulty buses, and budgets don’t get the taxes, the regions lose their jobs,” – said the Chairman of Committee of the state Duma Tamara Pletnev, sent to the head of the interior Ministry of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltseva.

Attempts of regional authorities and legal carriers to create a civilized market of passenger transportation involve huge risk: “companies engaged in a legal and transparent activity in the rigid form “squeezed out of the market” criminal structures, violating all principles of fair competition. Legal companies are under pressure, including using criminal methods, including looting, the burning of depots and vehicles, damage to property, threats, beatings and even murder”, – has sounded the alarm the head of the Duma Committee of the Russian Federation.

In the example of the outrageous fact of mass arson of a passenger bus that occurred on may 4, 2018 on the territory of the depot, located in Moscow on the Printing outside D. 10A. Then the criminals with impunity, burned 23 modern bus. Unfortunately, the investigation has progressed and still have not identified the perpetrators of this loud and defiant crime.

With the Deputy Pletnev agree, and the President of the Moscow transport Union Yury Sveshnikov, noting that it is clearly unfair competition. According to him, a big part of the coaches bringing passengers from Moscow’s regional companies. Many of them are hidden interests of certain officials, sometimes solving their business with the help of criminal elements. And it is clear that such an opaque market is not pleased with the appearance of new players.

Burnt buses began to operate on the routes Irkutsk-Moscow and Tula-Moscow. These areas still with 90-x years chose crime, because for them, these popular routes, first of all, the source of black money and tax-free profits.

The Chairman of Committee of the state Duma Tamara Pletnev, in his address to the Minister of the interior Vladimir Kolokoltsev suggested that the main client of the arson, which there is no direct motive could be criminal authority Valery Pluzhnikov controlling bus transportation in the region. It Pluzhnikov 90-ies controls bus transportation in Tula routes Moscow-Novomoskovsk. Over the years he took over the ZAO “transport company № 10”, JSC “Wind”, company “Intertrans” and “Autostar”. The struggle Pluzhnikova profitable routes and the company was hard, and threatening competitors, there was not a figure of speech. Tire punctures, burning vehicles, beating drivers, and even murder. The Director of “Anita-Treyd” Vladimir Sakharov and his friend Sergei Polunin was kidnapped and beaten. Nicholas mitiaeva, head of another major regional transport companies, all killed. Recently, unknown assailants beat Gennady Belousov, a bus driver from Kimovsk, which is still in a coma. The account of affected businesses, who for his trouble got in the way Pluzhnikov, is already in the tens. The arson attack on the Printing – also hi there from the ‘ 90s.

There is a paradoxical situation: on the one hand, Federal and regional authorities are trying to restore order in the sphere of passenger transportation. For example, in Moscow has tightened requirements for buses designed to transport children and organized groups. Tougher and requirements for regular transport. But at the local level innovations simply torpedoed and “softened”.

Illegal carriers are dangerous for passengers, – warns the Director of the “Movement without danger” Vadim Melnikov, – they do not issue official tickets, dumping, tax evasion, do not comply with safety requirements, save on maintenance. Threatened the safety and comfort of passengers, including many women and children instead of law-abiding companies, who regularly monitor the state of transport and the quality of services provided, they have to use the flight semi-legal carriers, which often do not even issue a ticket. Meanwhile, the last six months, a growing number of accidents of passenger buses, including with tragic consequences.

Suffer and regional budgets, wasting taxes. It is estimated that in the “gray” zone is up to 60% of long-distance and suburban passenger traffic. Even rough estimates of budgetary losses of output in billions of rubles. And in General, “gray” business, the burgeoning lush color close to the city, seriously harms the development of the Russian economy. Legal carriers are seriously thinking about it, and whether to invest in the upgrade of transport, to invest in the development of the business, if in one night you can lose everything, and none of it is not responsible.

As emphasized by the President of the Moscow transport Union Yury Sveshnikov, the Russian legislation gives the authorities all the possibilities for struggle against illegal carriers and restore order in the passenger transport market. But if officials do not, the reasons for this is simple: in some cases we are talking about professional incompetence and, in some – explicit corruption.

Here, not only the head of the interior Ministry, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, and the Governor of Tula region Alexey Dyumin should pay attention to the situation and to ask some officials for the safety of passengers and demand to restore order in this sphere. It is only the elimination of bus transportation from the “gray” area, creating a legal market, the imposition of strict rules on fair competition will improve the quality and safety of services for passengers.

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