“Overturned bus”: 500 workers staged a mass slaughter near Tobolsk

About five hundred migrant workers employed in the construction of petrochemical complex “Zapsibneftekhim” near Tobolsk in the Tyumen region staged a mass slaughter with security. The reason for the rebellion – the non-payment of wages. Enraged the workers even overturned bus and one was completely trashed.

photo: sibur-tobolsk.ru

First, the message about the fight came in the group “Criminal Tobolsk,” the social network “Vkontakte”. They reported that migrant workers staged a mass brawl with the security service of “SIBUR” company, which owns a newly built petrochemical complex. Later news Agency URA.RU citing its sources, reported that the conflict occurred over the weekend and the cause was nonpayment of wages.

According to police, the workers defeated a bus and a car that belonged to an employee of the company. Involved in the fight the workers were hired by the company-the subcontractor “Renaissance”. They have long demanded payment of owed money, but in the end, all brought to the aggravation of the conflict.

In place came the police and medics. And the police said that now employees they do not have, as some were sent to gain in the city, where the football world Cup.

While information about how many people were injured in the course of this conflict and the nature of injuries there.

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