Rapper Soulless committed suicide due to gay bullying

In Smolensk voluntarily left the life of a famous rapper Arthas Soulless. The real name of the young man – a novel tereshenkov. Previously, he said that unknown hackers have opened his account and wrote his name in gay forums “looking for liability”. After this guy beat in the hookah.

photo: instagram.com/arthas_soulless2012

About what happened in Smolensk told each rapper portal Lenta.ru however, his name he did not name. It turned out that after the antics of hackers to the Heartless in one of the hookah approached the man and began to beat and mock. The musician also made it to apologize. Soulless also told this story in his video in a network “Vkontakte” the day before departure.

“He began to laugh me, I’m gay, and I concluded that if he could see it in gay groups, so he climbs up there,” – said the musician.

Roman turned even the police about the incident in the hookah. Soon, however, they found him already dead.

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