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Hungary might face with the beginning of the sanctions procedures by the governing bodies of the EU because of anti-immigrant amendments to legislation adopted in June. These amendments human rights organizations called xenophobic

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The Commission may proceed with the sanctions procedures against Budapest if the Hungarian authorities do not change their position on the law “Stop Soros”, according to Daily News Egypt, citing sources in Brussels. The reason is the anti-immigrant thrust of the adopted law.

The first step the European Commission should be sending a notification, the Hungarian authorities on the recognition of the law “problematic”. To respond to this notification, Budapest may be a few months. Following this, if the authorities will not be able to give an answer that satisfies the claims of the management body of the EU, the European Commission may refer the matter to the European court.

The European Commission is the Executive body of the EU. The composition of the EC includes representatives of all 28 member countries of the Union.

Amendments to the Hungarian legislation, known under the name of the package “Stop Soros,” was adopted by Parliament in late June. These amendments prevent the movement of illegal migrants through the territory of Hungary and introduced criminal liability for persons and organizations providing assistance to illegal immigrants.

The Hungarian Parliament approved the law “Stop Soros”


“The package of bills “Stop Soros” serves this purpose, making the organization illegal immigration a criminal offence. We want to use these bills, to not allow Hungary to become a country of immigrants”, — commented on the passage of the bill the head of the Hungarian Ministry of interior Sandor Peter.

Criticism antimigratory amendments made by the human rights and international organizations. So, with the condemnation package “Stop Soros” made by the UN high Commissioner for human rights. Zeid RA’ad al-Hussein. “Constant incitement of hatred of the current government of Hungary for political gain led to this shameful event, which is openly xenophobic and contrary to European and international standards and values in the field of human rights”, — he said. Against the amendments to Hungarian legislation was made by the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, whose duties include the analysis of bills affecting the constitutional values.

The package of amendments called “Stop Soros” the name of the George Soros Foundation “open society” (Open Society Foundation), a non — profit organization, which the Hungarian government has accused the development of a plan to flood the country with illegal migrants.

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