The verdict in the gang of killers: the court did not recognize that they have weapons

Sentence five members of the gang, which consisted of natives of Ukraine, who in Moscow custom-made murder, made on Wednesday, the Moscow city court. Killers found guilty of two of the executed contract killings of businessmen and one failed. But a couple of “parallel” charges, which are not excluded, “for loyalty” filed involved in the investigation, including possession of class a drugs, the court did not recognize.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The gang was going to “the principle of Association”. Denis Plotnikov, Alexander Labuzov and Vadim Komarov — natives of Kharkiv region, the organizer and the leader of group Victor July is a former resident of the Crimea. And only Roman Golubov — the native of Leningrad, but it was always registered in Kabardino-Balkaria.

This case was investigated GSU SKR across Moscow. As a result, in the judgment mnogoopytny the material which the defendants were accused of including three especially grave crimes committed in 2011-2013 as part of the gang. As it became known “MK”, the gang was operating in the beginning of the “tenth” years, — then mercenaries were active in taking orders. So in 2011 July received “by unidentified persons” of ordering the murder of businessman Igor Kamynin, the Manager of a repair shop for luxury cars. He was attracted to the execution of this order Komarov and Plotnikova. 24 Oct Plotnikov, who was behind the wheel of a Mercedes, brought back Komarov to the workshop building on the Berezhkovskaya embankment. The killer made in the back Kamynina, emerged from the car, 11 shots, then both the bandit left. Three days earlier, on October 20, Mosquitoes, Labuzov and blue attacked the Director of wholesale company “support group” Igor Artemenkov and severely beat him with iron rods. Artemenkov struck his head, disfigured face. The attackers decided that he had died, and reported to the July about the executed order. But the businessman, thanks to prompt medical treatment managed to survive.

And in 2013, not wanting to return the debt (6.5 million rubles) is known in the field of financial intermediation businessman Sergei Bruevich, July decided to get rid of it with the help of his henchmen. Businessman waylaid near his home and shot him dead Mosquitoes on Sheremetievskaya street, in the car when she stopped at the intersection on a red signal of a traffic light. One of the released killer bullets hurt and the passenger that was sitting next to.

The defendant was charged with other crimes — such as the acquisition, possession and transfer of each other’s arms. But the exact time of acquisition of guns and was not established by the investigation, and therefore the court couldn’t figure out whether the Statute of limitations on this charge. Therefore, “this qualification was expelled.” Do not believe the jury and that during a search July was found 3.8 grams of hashish, while the remaining 28 grams operatives allegedly found in his garage “lying on the mind”.

However, the fact that the jury found proven, was enough to appoint the defendant a huge time. The most severe punishment will serve July — 24 years, 10 of which are in prison, the rest in a penal colony, and after his release two years will hold in terms of restriction of freedom. A similar punishment, only with a little less duration, the case is scheduled Komarov. But to his 23 years partially added another term, which he had previously assigned to Nikulinskiy Moscow court that convicted him of fraud. He is imprisoned for 23 years and 6 months. The period from 15 to 19 years in a strict regime colony appointed the rest of the accused. In addition, the court satisfied claims of the victims, who said about causing them mental suffering. Therefore, the convict will have to pay three million jointly and severally on each of the victims. And withdrawn from Plotnikova 77 thousand and $ 13 thousand will be immediately turned in their favor.

Notably, the investigation did not establish any of the customer crimes. The convicts took the verdict very emotional. They shouted that a criminal case is fabricated from beginning to end. By the way, the defendants were opposed to the court acquitted them of the charges, which may have Statute of limitations. The reason is that they do not rehabilitate and they wanted to seek justice.

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