Fried fish kills and the cooked — saves lives, showed major study

An international group of researchers from China and the United States have found that eating fish significantly reduces the risk of early death. Experts suggest that the key role here is played by the omega-3 fatty acids, which slave contains in abundance.

Scientists for 16 years collected information on 240 thousand people. As it turned out, among those who most often ate fish, the risk of early death was 9 percent lower among men and 8 percent lower among women. Thus, according to the results, men fish most effectively defended from respiratory diseases and chronic diseases of the liver — the risk of death from one of these causes was reduced by 20% and 37%, respectively. As for women, they fish “helped” to die as a result of development of Alzheimer’s disease — the probability of death for this reason among those who ate a lot of fish that were below 38 percent.

The specialists say that fish these conclusions do not apply: women who prefer the way it prigotovleniya, the risk of early death significantly increased, and in the case of men fried the fish life is not “reduced”, but not “extended”.

Strictly speaking, such studies can only reveal the relationship between eating fish and incidence of early death from certain causes. However, the authors of the study suggest that in this case, to assume the presence of a causal relationship. In their view, increase the likelihood of longevity contribute omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in fish. As noted, if the person owing to various reasons (e.g., allergies) avoid this product, it should pay attention to other dishes, these fatty acids contain, for example, spinach.

The study was published in scientific Journal Journal of Internal Medicine.

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