“He died wounded in the scuffle figure skater of Kazakhstan Denis Ten

The athlete tried to stop the attackers, removing the mirror from the vehicle and was stabbed

Skater Denis Tepoto: Reuters

– Famous Kazakhstan skater Denis Ten, who received in Alma-ATA stab wound of avtoforum, died in hospital.

“Yes, unfortunately, confirm (that the athlete died – if),” – said “Interfax” the press-service of Ministry of health of Kazakhstan.

Earlier in a press-service of the municipal Department of internal Affairs (DIA) reported that Ten caught two people trying to steal the mirror from his car. Between them, a fight broke out and he was stabbed.

The skater called the ambulance. The preliminary diagnosis upon admission to the hospital – “a stab wound of the upper third of the right femur, damage to the femoral vessels, external bleeding”.

In gorzdrave noted that “the patient’s condition was assessed as extremely heavy, an emergency order was initiated resuscitation on the background of resuscitation the patient was taken for surgical treatment”.

An investigation in search of suspects targeted the entire personnel of DIA of Almaty, said in the DVD.

Kazakhstan figure skater Denis Ten was born in 1993. He played in singles. Honored master of sports of Kazakhstan, bronze medalist of the Olympic winter games in 2014.

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