Radiation from smartphones is declared harmful to the memory of adolescents

Researchers representing the Swiss tropical Institute and public health, suggested that electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones can negatively affect memory of Teens, if they use smartphones too often.

Experts invited to participate in a study of about 700 teenagers, whose age ranged from 12 to 17 years. Some of the participants spoke French and some German. First, researchers have paid attention to those adolescents who during the conversation had the phone on the right ear — right hemisphere of the brain largely involved in the formation of memories. Allegedly, specieism was able to find evidence that radio frequency electromagnetic fields are able to exert influence on the development of memory.

Scientists say that the effect may be more pronounced if the relationship to a point where the teenager makes a call, the weak, and the phone has to work at full capacity to catch it.

Experts are still not ready to answer the question of how radiation from phones can affect the memory, nor surmise how noticeable could be the effect in the long term. However, scientists in any case recommend teenagers to use during telephone conversations headphones with microphone, because in this case the need to hold the phone to your ear disappears. The issue can affect a person’s headphone’s magnetic field, researchers do not concern you.

Recently, another group of experts came to the conclusion that adolescents should not be too much time to spend on the Internet and, in particular, social networks — according to scientists from the University of California and University of southern California, otherwise teenagers can often show signs of attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity

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