The death of skater: Tarasova, Averbukh, Manages recall of Denis ten

In the center of Alma-ATA killed a well-known Kazakh skater, bronze medalist of the Sochi Olympics Denis Ten. Ridiculous death – two thugs stabbed him with a knife when the athlete caught them stealing mirrors off his car. Colleagues and comrades of Denis from Russia are in shock from the incident, emotionally reliving a terrible tragedy.

When talented, full of strength and energy the 25-year old dies is always a tragedy. But when human life is equal to the cost of the parts – it’s a shock double…

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About three in the afternoon at the intersection of Kurmangazy and Baiseitova in the centre of Denis Ten caught two men who tried to take his car mirror. Skater tried to stop the thieves, but the bullies used a knife. The stabbing had on the upper part of the thigh, and apparently has damaged a large vessel. Denis has lost a lot of blood. At the hospital, he immediately underwent surgery, but could not save. Later in the Kazakh media the information appeared that Denis ten was a stab wound of the upper third of the right femur, damage to the femoral vessels and external bleeding. It was also reported that the patient was admitted to the hospital in serious condition. Unfortunately, the bronze medalist of the 2014 Olympics and 2015 world Championships, the year and the fivefold champion of Kazakhstan on July 19 has died. A month ago, Denis turned just 25 years old.

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Anna Pogorelaya, the Russian figure skater, bronze medalist of the world championship of 2016 is holding back tears, she said in a trembling voice:

– It’s a shock! I have no words. I want to support his family, so they know that all of our thoughts and feelings along with them now. Denis is so young, so talented… Scared that this could happen to anyone of us. The young should not die so early, he was so much more good ahead…

Still emotionally reacting to the death of the skater legendary coach Tatiana Tarasova:

– I’m dead. I love his mom and dad. Just called mom. I remember Denis is talented, hardworking and the best. Sitting in America, no one touched, came and it to the light sent. I can’t even say it’s just a mess.

And honored master of sports, Olympic medalist, and now a producer of ice shows Ilya Averbukh wonders how did Denis Ten could become a participant in shootouts, because he’s so intelligent and delicate person.

– Dennis and concepts such as aggression, fighting is incompatible. He was the very personification of intelligence, East of delicacy, of respect for the people around him. We were well acquainted, we had General plans, collaboration in the project. I remember when I came to our show in Kazakhstan, it gave us a real Oriental hospitality. I always wondered how he’s considerate, it can be linked with peace, love, beauty, but not with a fight and stabbing. His murderers should suffer the most severe punishment! That ended such a young, beautiful, talented life is a monstrous absurdity and injustice.

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