The volcano capable of destroying humanity, was covered with suspicious cracks

In the rocks, located near the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO, there were faults, which continue to expand. This was reported by representatives located in the territory of the national Park. Many have suggested that the unusual cracks can be considered harbingers of a catastrophic eruption, but scientists assure that in reality it is not.

In September last year, experts from the American space Agency NASA suggested that a possible eruption of the volcano presents a more serious threat to humanity than the fall of a meteorite or even the beginning of the war. Scientists have expressed concern that a super eruption could lead to the beginning of some semblance of “nuclear winter” — the planet would be enveloped in dust and gas, blocking the sunlight, and this, in turn, would lead to the cold, loss of crops and mass starvation. Even then, as one of the most dangerous among the two dozen supervolcanoes on Earth experts were called the Yellowstone volcanic Caldera.

Subsequently, some researchers have suggested that the eruption of Yellowstone could occur in the coming decades. In particular, scientists from the University of Arizona, stated that, after analyzing samples of volcanic ash. However, many experts disagreed with these conclusions. To prevent an eruption, scientists from NASA even offered to drill in the Yellowstone volcano hole and fill it with water, however, many felt that this probably will directly cause a disaster than this will reduce its probability.

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“The eyewitnesses took video of dangerous faults near Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO”


Anyway, the cracks in the waterfall area hidden, located next to the volcano, should not be considered a sign of imminent eruption, according to representatives of Yellowstone National Park. In their opinion, the most likely cause of the faults can be considered as periodic tremors that are the norm for these areas.

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