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A second set of program personnel reserve the Moscow Kremlin experience racing at the Rowing channel. RBC found out who was in the number of participants in the program, many graduates of which get the posts of Ministers and governors

The participants of the European championship in rowing and Canoeing at the Rowing channel in Moscow. 26 Jun 2016

(Photo: Artyom Geodakyan / TASS)

Rowing, rice and horses

On Saturday, July 21, the participants of the program of development of the presidential personnel reserve of the Russian Academy of national economy, which oversees the Kremlin, invited to team-building event at the Rowing channel in Moscow. The program of the meeting — speech by the chief coach of the national team of Russia on rowing Yuri Zelenkevich, a show with horses, exercising on rowing machines and boat racing. For them, the students of the first and second flow of instruction will be divided into teams.

After the competition participants will enjoy a lecture by cardiologist Alexei duck on a healthy lifestyle, and finally — tasting pilaf and the game of Golf. This follows from the program of the meeting, the authenticity of which was confirmed by two RBC invited.

Last stream “reservists” also participated in team building activities — jumping from the cliff in Sochi, the race for the dragon boats, exercises with parachutes and trainings from a moving APC. The lecture for the participants of the thread have read the heads of the presidential administration, Ministers, heads of state companies and business leaders.

“The program pays special attention to the development of emotional intelligence, communication skills, leadership qualities. It’s all those elements that actually affect people’s perception of a person,” said supervising Vice rector of the Ranepa Alexey Komissarov about the education program of a new managerial elite.

In addition, during the course of the “reservists” develop communication skills with the public. “In case negotiations with the Governor can be useful skills, emotional intelligence, ability to listen and hear others, to convey the right thoughts, the ability to react in critical situations,” — said Commissioners.

Where prescribed program participants

The first stream of training in Ranepa was completed in April, the new began in June. The participants of the first thread has already received several high appointments. Nine of them became heads of regions — Samara (Dmitry Azarov), Omsk (Alexander Burke), Ivanovo (Stanislav Voskresensky), Orel (Andrey Klychkov), Novosibirsk (Andrey Travnikov), Tyumen (Alexander Moore), Nizhny Novgorod (Gleb Nikitin) regions, Altai Krai (Viktor Tomenko), Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Alexander Cybulski). Artyom zdunov was appointed Prime Minister of Dagestan. Two became Ministers — Mikhail Kotyukov (science) and Eugene Dietrich (Ministry of transport).

It is planned that the Saturday event will be attended by at least 150 people — the organizers, the head of the Ranepa Vladimir Mau, curator of the program Alexey Komissarov and former and current participants. List of students a new thread has 79 people (its authenticity confirmed RBC two participants of the program). It’s a Federal and regional officials, businessmen and finalists of the contest “Leaders of Russia”. The press service of the Russian Academy declined to comment on the composition of the second stream.

The differences from the first stream

Unlike the previous thread, about which he wrote RBC, the program involves acting governors who became students after appointment to public office. Among them — the acting governors of the Magadan and Amur regions Sergey Nosov and Vasiliy Orlov, and the youngest in Russia, the Governor, the acting head of Yamal Dmitry Artyukhov.

Putin admonished future governors with the words “that the house will not burn”


For heads of regions participation in the program is the additional prestige and the opportunity to strengthen the position and a chance to establish additional contacts with Federal officials, said political analyst Nikolai Mironov. Risk to lose in the upcoming elections in September, they can not be afraid: the level of competition in local elections is not serious, so they can afford to participate in the training program during the campaign, said political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko.

How do you choose the participants of the program

The lists of participants of the Ranepa receives from the presidential administration, said in an interview with RBC program curator Alexey Komissarov. The Kremlin task, according to Komissarova, — education of a new managerial elite.

A source close to the presidential administration, told RBC about how the Embassy in the Federal districts maintain lists of participants in training programs of the Ranepa. According to him, in the first stage, one of the Vice-envoy is a list of five or ten people from the Federal district. This list is passed to the envoy, who with his edits, sends it to the President’s administration. The Kremlin, according to the source RBC, significantly screens applicants at the final stage.

Terms of reference for the training programs is prepared by the office of service and personnel of the Kremlin, and the Russian Academy of national economy proposes specific activities, the source said RBC.

Another difference of the second set — the participation of the 25 finalists of the contest “Leaders of Russia”. It was organized by the Kremlin last year for people interested in the career of gosupravlenie, participation in the competition can take anyone. In the program “personnel reserve” was attended by the finalists of the “Leaders of Russia”, appointed by results of competition and the Deputy Minister Oleg Salagai (Ministry of health), Ilya Hummocks (economic development) Pavel Sorokin (Ministry of energy). They were included in the training to help you master the necessary skills, said RBC analyst Konstantin Kalachev.

The feds and parliamentarians

In the new list of participants, as in the previous, a lot of Federal officials. Among them — the head of Federal Treasury Roman Artyukhin, Deputy Minister of industry Oleg Bocharov and Alexey Gruzdev, Deputy Finance Minister Andrei Ivanov and Vladimir Kolychev, the Ministers of economic development, Savva Shipov and Ilya Hummocks. Also on the list Director of “Artek” Alexey Kasprzhak, which, as he wrote RBC, can lead the Federal tourism Agency.

Serious representation of Deputy Ministers from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economy and Ministry of trade and industry is not surprising: it is the Ministry, where it is impossible to do “thieves, people who only show loyalty and do not possess specific skills,” said political analyst Kalachev: “There need specialists, people who can solve problems to improve the welfare of the population”.

Another goal of the program is to organize effective personnel lifts for talented managers, says Kalachev. “The students are qualified artists, technocrats, but it is not those who will determine the mood and policy in the country, he explained. — They look for and appoint the personnel elevators are not working for the highest state positions”.

The state Duma on the list of participants were the deputies of Alexander Vasilyev (“United Russia”) and Yuri Afonin (CPRF). Program participants from the Federation Council became the representative of St.-Petersburg Andrey Kutepov, the Senator from the Penza region Oleg Melnichenko and the representative of the Pskov region Alexander Borisov. A source in the Federation Council explained that for learning leadership of the upper chamber chose “perspective, able to count on the increase of senators”. “Kutepov belongs to the team from St. Petersburg [the head of the Federation Council Valentina] Matviyenko — said the interlocutor of RBC. — He clearly can go on higher post after training”.

For the training program and invited regional officials. The list includes Vice-Premier of the Moscow region Denis Butsaev, head of the Department of trade and services of Moscow Alexei nemeryuk, the Minister of sports of Tatarstan, Vladimir Leonov and head of the presidential administration of Dagestan Vladimir Ivanov. Also a participant of the training was the Advisor to the General Director of “Rostec” Sergey Sokol, who, according to the RBC, may become the head of the Irkutsk legislative Assembly. The number of participants in training programs were representatives of business — Vice-President of the savings Bank Igor Artamonov, Board member of “SIBUR” Alexey Kozlov and the General Director of Federal passenger company Peter Ivanov.

Non-public set

In the second set of the program of personnel reserve few pieces for public political positions, the analyst says Alexander Pozhalov. It is more likely that the graduates of the second thread will be for posts related to economy, investment and industry policy, — the heads of regional governments heads of regional agencies to attracting investment, Deputy Federal Ministers, he said.

Among the possible appointees to political office Fire highlights of the Deputy-Communist Yury Afonin. “He’s one of the most likely successors Zyuganov as leader of the Communist party, Afonin today actually monitors staffing processes in most regional branches of the party and is one of the main negotiators of the party with the Kremlin in the parameters part of the Communist party in the elections”, — said the expert.

In the list of participants also include those who have long been considered as a candidate for Governor. “In particular, comes from Rostec Falcon, which this year is running for the legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region with the prospect to hold the office of speaker, could be a potential replacement for Communist Governor (Sergey Levchenko),” — says the analyst.

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