“Do not empty”: showed up wanting to drink the contents of the black Egyptian sarcophagus

The autopsy of a mysterious black sarcophagus in the tomb found in Alexandria, Egypt, has attracted the attention of conspiracy theorists and freaks. And although it turned out that inside the rather poor group burial only poorly preserved skeletons, there were people still hoping for the embodiment of the curse of the pharaohs. In the Internet appeared the petition calling to allow those who wish to drink the reddish-brown liquid from a sarcophagus in which thousands of years of sailing the bones of the buried.

The elixir of eternal life, this substance hardly pulls. The author of the petition the developer of the game No Man’s Sky Innes Mckendrick — another explanation.

“Do not empty”, – he said at first. According to his calculations, after drinking this “energy drink”, people will be saturated with the power, writes the newspaper Metro.

Note that the sarcophagus was opened with caution – took the poison from rotting, considering the dampness due to the high groundwater level.

Mckendrick configured extremely bleak. He says that people who believed in the curse of the tomb, was disappointed to find out that inside are just skeletons. The programmer still longs for the era of “darkness and despair”, or at least the end of all things.

The petition Mckendrick on Change.org has supported 530 people.

“Thank you for the support,” thanked the author.

thank’s for the support pic.twitter.com/oINoAuCENe

— moth dad (@innesmck) 20 Jul 2018

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