For Unified basketball League, joined the club from Poland

Two crucial decisions made in one of the skyscrapers of the capital’s business center, the Council of the League, the organizer is geographically the largest of the basketball competition in Europe. In the championship knocked poles: team “Zielona góra”, and her initiative was approved. “Spartak” from Vladivostok, if literally quote the honorary President of the organization, a well-known politician Sergei Ivanov proposed to pass a probation period.

Photo: “VTB United League”.

Total clubs in the new season will be 14. It’s one more than a year ago. The geography of the League has added a new point on the map. It is always a pleasure. There was talk about Israeli “Maccabi”, but, apparently, it is a distant possibility.

“Spartak” from the Far East has applied to both the tournament, – said Ivanov. In our tournament and in the Russian Superleague. As home court was named the Palace, where he played hockey “Admiral”, a successful club in the KHL. But in the case of the calendar intersection of a reserve site was mentioned Krasnoyarsk (for reference is half-way from Vladivostok to Moscow, “MK”). In addition, in the above-mentioned Palace in Vladivostok have no experience quick transformation of the coating from the ice to the parquet, and Vice versa. And equipment the question is not quite cleared. The management of the two clubs, namely CSKA and “Zenith” (St.-Petersburg) voted in favor of the inclusion of Spartacus from Vladivostok in our family. The desire in any way commendable. But we can’t risk our organization, therefore, needs to obtain all the guarantees…”

Mr Ivanov stressed that colleagues from different clubs in the European part of Russia would not stop the distance to the Pacific ocean. In another case. A year to discuss the issue the organization is ready to return.

The second time was almost more important for the League. As you know, last season it was a format that uses the Euroleague: Final four. Now to the vote and agreed to return to the series to three victories at all stages of the playoffs. And teams, you’ll think twice before to sacrifice 2 or 3 games of the regular season: who will be above all, will have priority up to the final series!

“Slipshod? Please, your right. – Said Ivanov. But then should not be offended…” of Course, a decisive 40-minute, perhaps, more intriguing than a long series. This year the football world Cup in Russia forced the basketball community to hurry. Now, summing up, the President of the United League Sergey Kushchenko have to admit that when the decisive game will be played on neutral territory, the costs assume no host clubs, and United League. And these funds could be used for the development of basketball. “We plan broadcasts are inferior to football. The players sell the sport to TV even matches the average level, and we, until recently, have bought the right to show the basketball, it is fundamentally not true!”

However, interest in the game increases – and notice it all. New partners and sponsors. Russian basketball finally coming to the model, according to which money budget will continue the existence and range of teams, and the club play at the level of the highest achievements will seek to recoup itself.

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