Gassiev – Cirrus: online broadcast of the finals of the world Boxing Series

Today, July 21, in Moscow will host the final of the world Boxing Series (WBSS). In “Olympic” will meet Russian Murat Gassiev and Ukrainian Alexander Usik, and at stake will stand the title of world champion in four versions. We’ll never get past this event: our correspondent Alexey Safonov will transmit directly from the scene, and our live webcast will start at 18:00 on capital time.

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17:55 a little More left before the evening of professional Boxing. First, look at other fights. And for dessert, the most interesting. Everything, as always.

17:35 Suddenly remember the world Cup in Russia. His opinion about the upcoming fight and shared coach of our country Stanislav Cherchesov.

“Murat Gassieva know personally. Not nodding, but pretty close. The bright young man has already made a way worthy of respect. But the most important day for him – July 21. Of course, good luck, good luck to him a little more than we did in the quarter-finals of the world Cup” — leads his words “Soviet sport”.

17:30 And here is what he thinks about the upcoming fight Alexander Usik.

“We with Murat show is really beautiful, extraordinary night. Peace to all. It won’t bother me power beats Gassieva? The only thing that worries me now is that I’m a little hungry. Want to eat, seriously”, – quotes its words “CHempionata”.

He also stressed that he had a large relationship with the legendary Muhammad Ali.

“I was born with it in one day, and this is probably a sign. When I found out that it will take the Cup of Muhammad Ali, it didn’t at first. But when all the guys signed the contracts, I said I have to participate in it. I decided that if I’m not here to participate, then it will be a betrayal. Naturally, signed a contract,” said Usyk.

16:00 the time has Come for opinions of famous people.

Rostislav Plechko – professional boxer, he in the heavyweight division tournaments according to the IBF, champion of Russia in professional Boxing in the heavyweight division, the WBA champion Asia

In my opinion, Gassiev and Tendril – a fighter of the same level, however, they have completely different styles of warfare. The Mustache is more prevalent Amateur school, he moves a lot on the legs, a lot of effort, but it has less power punches and less strong impact.

Gassiev is very rational, so it acts like a true professional, but with all Gassiev may at any time and temp to raise, and to impose tight box, and can even work on the waste, that is, it is also a versatile fighter. He’s just very rational and patient, it has a more powerful knockout blow.

Forecast for battle: I think if the Mustache will win, only on points or win Gassiev in the last round by knockout. In my opinion, it is the men approximate the same level and because they have different styles, the fight will be very entertaining. The beauty of Boxing is that we can observe different styles, and when two fighters have different equipment, different style of warfare – it’s always an exciting fight.

Regarding the organization of the event can not say anything, because the event has not passed, the fight will be clear. But when he passed the semi-finals, the battle Gassieva with Dorticos was exclusively positive feedback. Many Boxing experts that have been to different shows, including in America, in England, for example, my Manager is Oleg Bogdanov was alive in that fight, he said that this was the best organization, so I think they will keep the brand and we are waiting for a great show.

14:55 Among other things, to reward the winner today will be… the wife of the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, Lonnie. The fact that the trophy bears the name of Muhammad Ali, reports “CHempionata”.

“Since this is the first trophy of Mohammed that has ever been presented, I am proud to be here representing the family of Ali, the WBC and the President of Mauricio Suleiman. Muhammad would be very proud that one of these Champions will be awarded a trophy which bears his name,” said Lonnie Ali.

13:50. Here and expectations from the battle arrived. Murat Gassiev will find beautiful confrontation tonight.

“Of course, I know the strengths of the Tendril. Moreover, his strengths know almost everything. What I can oppose this will show only the battle and later we will be able to discuss it”, – quotes the words Gassieva TASS.

According to the Russians, he and his opponent are planning to show beautiful fight, which will be a decoration and a gift for all sports lovers.

12:08. As long as we recall that this fight has allocated three thousand tickets to low-income families. In General, tickets for the event were sold out in five days.

World Boxing super series (WBSS) in the first heavy weight started from the quarter-final in the fall of 2017. In the first round Murat Gassiev dealt with the pole Krzysztof Wlodarczyk, while Oleksandr Usyk won the confidence of German Marko Huka.

In the semi-finals of today’s rivals also did not disappoint: Gassiev was knocked out of Uniara Gortikova and Usik won on points Mairis Briedis.

Now Gassiev and Mustache ready for a meeting with each other to find out who among them is best. At stake will be four world titles: WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF. The winner will not only become the absolute world champion in the first heavy weight, but will also get the first in the history of the Cup of Muhammad Ali.

Russia has long tried to win the right to host the final, but eventually won the competition with other applicants. According to Secretary General of Federation of Boxing Russia (FBI) Umar kremleva, our country guarantees the best conditions for fans and athletes, and today is all the world to see.

The evening of Boxing in Moscow includes 9 fights, in addition to the main battlefield. We’ll never get past them: our correspondent Alexey Safonov will transfer all the details from the event, and our live webcast will start at 18:00 Moscow time, don’t miss out!

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