Had no change in Yekaterinburg, the taxi driver broke the passenger hand

Four young residents of Yekaterinburg reported unpleasant incident, which ended with a taxi ride. According to them, the driver didn’t have change for a large bill, which he got angry, took them from the destination and even broke one of the girls hand. “Yandex. Taxi” blocked the driver until the end of the proceedings. Police still silent.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Two girls and two guys are all 18-19 years old – booked a taxi around midnight, the website of E1 with reference to the victims themselves.

According to passengers when the taxi brought them to their destination, it turned out that the driver have no change with banknotes one thousand rubles.

“As told the mother of one of the victims, the taxi driver got angry. He locked the car door and took the teenagers on Koltsovo highway”, – says the publication.

Then, according to passengers, he pulled the teenagers from cabin. While strongly pulled by the hand one of the girls why she fell. Later, according to reports, she was diagnosed with a fracture of the styloid process of the left radius.

The victims wrote a statement to the police. In “Yandex. Taxi” at the request of the journalists said that after treatment clients the driver was blocked in the system until the end of proceedings. “We are ready to cooperate with law enforcement if necessary,” said the company. In this case, victims indicate that law enforcement authorities have not yet contacted them about the statement.

Local media noted that this week it already the second case of rudeness on the part of taxi drivers in the city. It was reported that on July 11, the taxi driver picked up a man and a woman that soon going to the Registrar. According to reports, the lovers left the party and was not quite sober. In the car altercation ensued, which ended, according to passengers, turned into a fight. The victims say that the driver beat them because of what they had to run and throw things, including a bag with documents and money. Passengers told the police about the incident, noting that an attempt to contact a taxi driver and ask him to return the documents was not a success and the wedding was under threat, reported by the “Evening Ekaterinburg”.

In June, the Moscow blogger Anna brain said about the attempted rape by the Uber driver. The girl claimed that the taxi driver took her to a deserted place, locked the doors and tried to rape. However, she complained that the police didn’t believe her.

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