In the Olympics added a new sport

Where do you think is harder to pass a line in the slopestyle freestyle or slopestyle snowboarding? And who is there now Olympic Champions? I bet you are unlikely to meet. But I will not answer too — I don’t know. That is if you ask this question targeted a group of teenagers who made the extreme a part of your life, then it is possible that they will read you a lecture. But, God forbid, half a percentage point from watching the Olympics.


Recently, the international Olympic Committee has expanded the program of the winter Games again. Namely:

— monobob in bobsleigh;

— mixed in jumping;

mixed snowboard in Bord-cross-country;

mixed relay in short track;

— men’s and women’s freestyle tournaments in the discipline big air and a mixed team tournament in acrobatics…

A total of 7 new sets of awards. The first thought that comes to mind: how much longer that will last? The program of the winter roads is swollen obscenely like summer, but could soon be like her. A war for a place under the sun are the international Federation of sports: extra Olympic ticket never hurt anyone.

New solutions clearly reduced to gender equality. And it is certainly good. Since the boys play mermaids with the girls, why not let the girls jump together with a strong floor and a ramp? But some 30 years ago the author of this initiative the IOC sentenced to public flogging…

But what are the underlying causes of expansion of sports programs? Let’s dig. There is FIFA (international Federation of football associations), which now counts the proceeds flawlessly carried out of the world Cup in Russia, and there is the IOC. Not digesting each other organization (proof at least that a football tournament at the Olympics, no one perceives as the main event) has been, for lack of a better phrase, in the arms race. FIFA expands the number of participants for the final phase of the world Cup to 48, the IOC ready to hand out more “gold”, “silver” and “bronze”. This is a race for TV coverage and, accordingly, advertising contributions into the coffers of organizations. What trifles? Let’s finish the final tournament of 240 teams! Cayman Islands and Gibraltar (no offense to this wonderful points on the map) diversify the range of candidates on the flight… in the first round. That’s just to host one giant not be able nobody. Neither Russia nor China nor the U.S. with Canada and Mexico (Hello wall on the border).

With the Olympics too, all becomes clear. If used for the right to host the Games was a competition (and we caught it, when in 2007 it was about competition, Sochi, Salzburg and Pyeongchang), now the IOC with genuine joy gives the right to the Games, with the 2 cycle forward. Paris, and then Los Angeles. But because every year it becomes less and less. In countries where the inertia of the views of ordinary citizens mean something (in a particular case is Norway and Switzerland), referendum revealed: the people opposed.

I would like to remind you that even the most successful on the planet of sports consortium UEFA (Union of European football associations), which sells us the same show business, the upcoming European championship seeded from a dozen countries, including Russia. Formal occasion — the 60th year anniversary of the first tournament (his recall, won the USSR). But it is possible that this system will survive for a long time: the sport is expensive.

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